English Language Arts


Aligned with Connecticut Core Standards, English Language Arts (ELA) emphasizes the interconnected nature of reading and writing. The department’s mission is to prepare students to live meaningful lives as productive and literate citizens. To realize this mission, the department offers a rigorous and relevant curriculum that provides students with multiple and varied opportunities to read, analyze, and critique quality texts; develop the processes, traits, and craft of writing; contribute to civil discourse; and engage in individual and collaborative inquiry into the habits of effective readers and writers and the elements of quality texts

In grades 6-12, the Department focuses on supporting students in uncovering disciplinary ways of using language including reading, writing, speaking and listening in the content of English.

In grades K-5, students are engaged in an interdisciplinary curriculum aligned to the Connecticut Core K-2 Literacy standards. Click here to learn more about the K-5 Literacy curriculum.



Grade 6

  • Myths, Heros and Archetypes
  • Working with Evidence: Rules to Live By
  • Analyzing Structure and Communicating Theme in Literature

Grade 7

  • Reading Closely and Writing to Learn
  • Working with Evidence
  • Understanding Perspectives – Slavery
  • Reading and Research – Screen Time
  • Reading and Research – Water is Life

Grade 8

  • Finding Home: Refugees
  • Working with Evidence – Taking a Stand
  • Japanese-American Relations during WWII
  • Being Made Invisible
  • Finding Freedom and Recovering Life
  • Sustainability of the US Food Supply Chain

Grade 9

  • Analysis – Central Idea and Character Development
  • Under Development

Grade 10

  • Reading Closely and Writing to Analyze
  • “These are strange times, my dear”
  • Researching Multiple Perspectives to Develop a Position
  • Death of a Pig, E. B. White
  • Macbeth, William Shakespeare
  • The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli

Grade 11

  • How do authors develop and relate elements of a text?
  • How do authors use figurative language or rhetoric to advance their point of view or purpose?
  • Researching Multiple Perspectives to Develop a Position
  • How do authors use narrative techniques to craft fiction writing?

Grade 12

  • Latin and Central American Literature
  • Ancient and Modern Asian Literature
  • African and Middle Eastern Literature
  • Russian Literature



CT State Department of Education – English Language Arts resources and links from the CSDE site

The Digital Classroom Site – The Digital Classroom Site run by the National Archives and Records Administration has primary sources, activities and training for educators and students aimed at encouraging learners at all levels to use archival materials in the classroom.

The Library of Congress – Users can search the catalog of the Library. Includes an online gallery, Kids and families section, and calendars of news and events at the Library.


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