Election Day Takes on a Whole, New Meaning at the Fred D. Wish School.

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE     Issue 20     November 26, 2012

Election Day Takes on a Whole New Meaning at the Fred D. Wish School.

Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2012 took on a whole new meaning for students at the Fred D. Wish School. In addition to it being Election Day throughout the country, it was Election Day for 250 third through eighth graders as well. “We are studying the Election Process in social studies so it made sense for us to hold an election at our school,” said 6th grader Shamyria Williams. The 6th grade students collectively planned the election event and designed the ballots as well. There was additional information on the ballots such as age, sex, and grade, so students could make this a cross-disciplinary activity and use this information in math class for graphing purposes. Clearly the students at Wish had a handle on which candidate would win, with President Obama receiving 246 of the 250 school votes casted that day. “We really got a sense of what it was like to vote for the President of the United States,” said 8th grader Myles Edwards, “we even got stickers like the adults do when they complete their voting. This is really important to me since I will be old enough to vote in the next Presidential Election.”

Shamyria Williams and Cindy Colon smiling after casting their votes for the next

President of the United States.


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