English Learners



Welcome to the Department of Services for Multilingual Learners, World & Dual Language Programs. Hartford Public Schools has a diverse student population representing over ninety different language groups. Our English Learners represent 19% (approximately 4000 students) of the district’s total population. Our department provides services for English Learners with the goal of developing English language proficiency and achieving content-area and language standards, while valuing and honoring native languages and cultural backgrounds. 



We are committed to ensuring all students achieve academic and linguistic success through equitable access to high-quality teaching and learning.



To graduate bilingual, biliterate and culturally proficient lifelong learners through the development of college and career readiness and 21st century skills and beyond.


Core Beliefs:


We Believe…

  • Our students bring unique assets, talents, and will achieve at high levels
  • Our students deserve multiple opportunities to develop bilingualism, biliteracy,  cross-cultural connections and will be honored and recognized for their commitment to learning more than one language through the CT Seal of Biliteracy
  • Our students need and deserve access to equitable, grade-appropriate curriculum and instruction
  • Our students deserve  teachers and educators who love and respect them
  • Educators must continuously engage in and commit to ongoing professional learning and the cycle of continuous improvement grounded in data dedicated to improved teaching and learning



  • Serve as a model district for high-quality, research-based programming and services for English Learners in the state of Connecticut
  • Intentional focus on delivering high-quality professional learning and support for teaching and learning
  •  Increase the number of English Learners who successfully attain English language proficiency, high academic achievement, and biliteracy in English and their native language 

District Staff:

Daisy Torres, Director of English Learner Services, World & Dual Language Programs

Irma Davidson, English Learner Coach


Maria Gonzalez-Aldave, English Learner Coach


Elvis Minga, English Learner Coach


Janelle Pittman, English Learner Coach


Cynthia Romero, English Learner Coach


Kimberly Winfield, World Language Coach


Jessica Zanghi, English Learner Coach


Nadia Rivera, English Learner Program Coordinator


Betzaida Soto, Compliance Monitor