English Learners



Welcome to the Department of English Learner Services, World & Dual Language Programs. Hartford Public Schools has a diverse student population representing over ninety different language groups. Our English Learners represent 19% (approximately 4000 students) of the district’s total population. Our department provides services for English Learners with the goal of developing English language proficiency and achieving content-area and language standards, while valuing and honoring native languages and cultural backgrounds. 



We are committed to ensuring all students achieve academic and linguistic success through equitable access to high-quality teaching and learning.



To graduate bilingual, biliterate and culturally proficient lifelong learners through the development of college and career readiness and 21st century skills and beyond.


Core Beliefs:


We Believe…

  • Our students bring unique assets, talents, and will achieve at high levels
  • Our students deserve multiple opportunities to develop bilingualism, biliteracy,  cross-cultural connections and will be honored and recognized for their commitment to learning more than one language through the CT Seal of Biliteracy
  • Our students need and deserve access to equitable, grade-appropriate curriculum and instruction
  • Our students deserve  teachers and educators who love and respect them
  • Educators must continuously engage in and commit to ongoing professional learning and the cycle of continuous improvement grounded in data dedicated to improved teaching and learning



  • Serve as a model district for high-quality, research-based programming and services for English Learners in the state of Connecticut
  • Intentional focus on delivering high-quality professional learning and support for teaching and learning
  •  Increase the number of English Learners who successfully attain English language proficiency, high academic achievement, and biliteracy in English and their native language 

District Staff:

Daisy Torres, Director of English Learner Services, World & Dual Language Programs


Maria A. Carrillo, English Learner Coach


Irma Davidson, English Learner Coach



Maria Gonzalez-Aldave, English Learner Coach



Elvis Minga, English Learner Coach



Kimberly Winfield, World Language Coach



Jessica Zanghi, English Learner Coach



Nadia Rivera, English Learner Program Coordinator 



Betzaida Soto, Compliance Monitor