Get to Know Your School Options

Hartford Public Schools (HPS) is committed to ensuring our families are engaged and inspired by the school options we have to offer. Our school choices include specialized district schools and theme-based magnet schools; each offers a unique curriculum that prepares our students to be successful in and beyond school. Additional opportunities are offered through our partnerships with the CT State Department of Education’s Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) and other educational providers.


HPS provides more educational opportunities to Hartford residents and suburban families in the Greater Hartford region.  Explore below to learn more about school options and the pathways to access them!

2022-2023 School Selection Guide

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Guía de Selección Escolar 2022-2023

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As a parent, you know your child best. This process is about using that knowledge to select a learning environment that is the best fit for your children and their future.

You can start by taking a few moments to think and talk with your child about:

  • What does your child like?
  • What makes your child unique?
  • What motivates your child to explore and learn?
  • What other factors are most important to you (e.g. school’s distance from home, afterschool clubs and sports)?

Use these helpful tips to guide you as you go through the school selection process:


There are two separate applications for families applying to Hartford District Schools and to the Regional School Choice Office Schools (RSCO).


  • Applications to our District (non-magnet) schools are open to Hartford residents only using the Hartford Public Schools District Choice application.
  • HPS School Selection Process On-Time Application opens January 9, 2023, and closes March 31, 2023
  • HPS School Selection Process Late Application opens April 7, 2023 and closes on June 15, 2023*
  • If your child is new to the District and in need of a school placement please complete an HPS online registration or, call our offices at (860) 695-8876 or email at


  • Applications to RSCO Magnet/Open Choice/Technical schools are open to Hartford and Suburban residents using the Regional School Choice Office application.
  • The RSCO Magnet/Open Choice/ On-Time application opens December 5, 2022 and closes February 28, 2023.
  • Technical schools Early Application opens December 5, 2022 and closes January 13, 2023.
  • The RSCO Magnet/Open Choice Late application opens March 15, 2023 and closes September 15, 2023. Families should apply online.