Five Hartford Public High School Students Attend the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

Five Hartford Public High School Students Attend the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

The students with Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus
Five Hartford Public High School Students attended the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. They weren’t just regular delegates to the conference, but rather the only 5 high school students selected to represent the Unites States of America on the world stage.
Giana Gleeson, a Spanish/ History teacher at the Law and Government Academy attended the 11th World Summit in Japan three years ago. When she was asked to attend this year’s conference she demanded that her students came along as well. This was truly a full-circle story as Miss Gleeson’s experience at the conference truly changed her life and her worldview forever and now, she was given the opportunity to bring this same experience to her students.
After a rigorous application process, Miss Gleeson along with Taylor Ives, a Behavior Technician at the Nursing Academy selected the 5 students and embarked on a long journey of preparation and fundraising. Students met weekly to be briefed on world issues and discussion topics of the conference. They launched a fundraising campaign and eventually raised over $12,000 for their trip with more than half of the donations coming from individual supporters.
While in Poland the students toured Warsaw and attended the conference for 3 days. They sat in on larger session in the mornings and in the afternoons had their choice of various breakout sessions hosted by the laureates themselves. They asked pressing questions, met students from all around the world, and were exposed to a plethora of information that has motivated them to use their knowledge beyond the classroom. The students were regarded as excellent representatives of our school, our city, and our country. This experience truly redefined what is possible for Hartford Students.
After the conference, the group headed to Krakow- a well-preserved city in the southern part of the country. In Krakow they tried new foods and completely immersed themselves in the culture that surrounded them. On the last day of the trip the students visited Auschwitz. Visiting Auschwitz was difficult, powerful, and provoking all at the same time. The students were deeply moved by what they experienced and participated in healthy reflection afterward.
Although the trip is now over, each of the students are more charged up than ever to continue working for a more peaceful, stable, and just world. They have started an Activism Club at school and are constantly sharing and presenting about their experiences on this trip. Miss Gleeson and Mr. Ives are currently gearing up for the next Summit which will be held in South Africa in the fall of 2014. 
Please also reference Ms. Gleeson's blog as it has many photos and more particular segments of the journey.
For more information, please contact:
Giana Gleeson 
Spanish/ History Teacher
Hartford Public High School
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Room 237
Phone: (315) 727-2052

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