Offering nutritious & delicious meals throughout the school day is part of our ongoing commitment to
our Hartford Public School students.

After School Programming Meal Service (Please check for details)

June Afterschool Snack Menu                                                                                               Afternoon Snack Menu – Allergen and Carbohydrate Information

June Cold Supper Menu June Hot Supper Menu
June Cold Supper Menu – Carb & Allergy June Hot Supper Menu – Carb & Allergy

Food and Child Nutrition Services

Lonnie Burt, MS, RD, CD-N, Senior Director of Food Services: (860) 695-8490 Email: Read more about our award-winning Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Yolanda Burt, in this media advisory (pdf).

We provide:

  • Student meal services at all our schools
  • Catering assistance
  • Carbohydrate and common allergen information for all our menus
  • Accommodations for students with allergies or medical nutritional needs
  • Nutrition education and promotion

For questions about

 Nutrition and Special Dietary Considerations:

Brunella Ibarrola, MS, RD, CD-N
Assistant Director of Nutrition Support
(860) 695-8596