Offering nutritious & delicious meals throughout the school day is part of our ongoing commitment to
our Hartford Public School students.

Food and Child Nutrition Services

Lonnie Burt, MS, RD, CD-N, Senior Director of Food Services: (860) 695-8490 Email: Read more about our award-winning Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Yolanda Burt, in this media advisory (pdf).

We provide:

  • Student meal services at all our schools
  • Catering assistance
  • Carbohydrate and common allergen information for all our menus
  • Accommodations for students with allergies or medical nutritional needs
  • Nutrition education and promotion

For questions about

Nutrition and Special Dietary Considerations:

Brunella Ibarrola, MS, RD, CD-N
Assistant Director of Nutrition Support
(860) 695-8596