Educating Hartford’s children is too important a job for schools to do by themselves.

We consider families to be full partners in their child’s education.

If you are new to Hartford Public Schools, please visit our Welcome Center! “HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL”



An initiative sponsored by the Hartford Campaign for Grade Level Reading, AttendanceWorks and Hartford Public Schools to increase community awareness about the importance of daily attendance, and to inspire action to get students into their classroom seats. Click HERE to learn more.




Ensuring your student’s journey from the bus stop back to home is the mission of our Transportation Department. Check the bus zones and get in touch with them HERE.

   2015-2020 Family & Community Engagement Action Plan


As part of our strategic planning process in 2015, over 200 stakeholders engaged in in-depth discussions about Family and Community Engagement (FCE).

Their input, along with a review of the district’s 2013 Family and Community Engagement Plan, new research and evolving practices related to family and community engagement around the country  provide the foundation for the next phase of our family and community
engagement work .


Read it here: our 2015-2020 Family & Community Engagement Action Plan/en español