Free Dental Services for ALL Uninsured  Hartford Public School Children

Free Dental Services for ALL Uninsured Hartford Public School Children

Throughout the week of February 4 – 10, 2018 during normal school hours, we will celebrate “GIVE KIDS A SMILE WEEK” in our schools.

The Hartford Public Schools Dental Program announces our 7th Annual

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School:                                  Address:                                    Dental Hygienist:                 Telephone:

Asian Studies @ Bellizzi    215 South Street                      Jill Quast, RDH                   860-695-2427

Betances ERL                    42 Charter Oak Avenue           Dawn McDermott, RDH     860-695-2844

Betances/STEM                 585 Wethersfield Avenue       Dawn McDermott, RDH     860-695-3456

Bulkeley                                 300 Wethersfield Ave            Jessica McMullin, RDH      860-695-1023

Fred D. Wish                         350 Barbour St                       Anne Biancamano, RDH   860-695-5606

Latino Studies-Burns          195 Putnam St                        Sheila Miehm, RDH                        860-695-2986

Hartford Public High            55 Forest St                           Antonella Dellaripa, RDH  860-695-1363

M.L. King School                 25 Ridgefield St.                     Debbie Arslan, RDH           860-695-4005

Kinsella                                 65 Van Block Ave                    Anne Biancamano, RDH    860-695-4191

Milner School                       104 Vine Street                        Sheila Miehm, RDH                        860-695-4415

McDonough                        111 Hillside Avenue                  Debbie Arslan, RDH           860-695-4266

MD Fox                                  470 Maple Ave                         Antonella Dellaripa, RDH  860-695-7735

Moylan                                   101 Catherine Street               Jessica McMullin, RDH      860-695-4507

Parkville                                 47 New Park Ave                    Julia Woron, RDH               860-695-4729

West Middle                          44 Niles Street                        Debbie Arslan, RDH           860-695-5492

Sanchez                                176 Babcock Street                  Julia Woron, RDH               860-695-4966

SAND                                     1750 Main Street                     Jill Quast, RDH                    860-695-5056

Simpson-Waverly                55 Waverly Street                  Dawn McDermott, RDH     860-695-5155