Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Students & Families

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Students & Families

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Updated May 7, 2020

 General Questions

What is the current status of school closure?

On Tuesday, May 5, Governor Lamont announced that public schools will not reopen for the remainder of the school year. This decision has been made to ensure the safety of students, staff, and families.   

When is the last day of school?

This school year will end as scheduled, on June 11. 

How is attendance being tracked?

Staff are expected to monitor student engagement in distance learning in the following ways: by work submitted in Google Classroom, completion of online tasks, and communication during office hours. Staff will maintain a record of all students who have not engaged in distance learning and provide it to the principal for appropriate interventions. 

 Distance Learning

Can my child use another device besides a computer? 

Yes, your child can access their online classes through any internet-enabled device. A desktop, laptop, ipad/tablet, even a smartphone.  

Does every child need their own device? 

Multiple children can share a device. We have been providing one device for families with multiple children from Kindergarten through fifth grade, and individual devices for students in middle school and high school. 

I don’t have a computer for my child, can I still get one? 

We are doing our best to provide a device to every family that does not have one. If you still do not have a device at home, please contact the Welcome Center at 860-695-8400. Devices are being distributed by appointment from four school locations.

I have a device, how do I login? 

Follow the directions below depending on the type of device you are using. The student ID is also the student’s lunch number and can be found on the student’s report card. If you do not have the Student ID, you can: Contact the child’s school, contact the Welcome Center, or check the Parent Portal on Powerschool.  

Chromebook or Windows Laptop  On the home screen, login with the following information: 

●   Username: your student ID 

●   Password: date of birth written as YYYYMMD  (e.g., 20040715 for July 15, 2004) 

**Note: You need to be connected to the internet before you may log into the device.  

Tablet/Phone  Go to Sign into your Google Account with the following information: 

●   Email: (e.g.,

●   Password: date of birth written as YYYYMMDD (e.g., 20040715 for July 15, 2004) 


How do I login to Google Classroom? 

Parents/Caregivers: Beginning Friday, March 27, K-12 teachers invited students to join their class in Google Classroom. To see the classes follow the directions below: 

  1. Go to  
  1. When you enter, you will see that your child has been invited to different classes. Click “Join” for each class that is on your screen.  Parents/caregivers should access the Google Classrooms regularly to understand the lessons and expectations for the day.  
  1. Parents/caregivers can learn how to navigate Google Classroom with information and helpful resources by visiting our website,   


Is there tech support for my device and Google Classroom? 

For log-in issues, questions about usernames or passwords, difficulty accessing Google Classroom, or if your device needs to be exchanged, please contact the Welcome Center at 860-695-8400.


What if I don’t have internet access at home? 

If your family doesn’t have internet access, and you live in Hartford, you can obtain it for free from Comcast.  

Go to or call 855-846-8376. If you live outside of Hartford, please check with your local cable/internet provider.


What should a day in the life of a virtual student look like?

The goal is not to duplicate the classroom, but to provide engaging home learning opportunities for

all students. The table below provides guidance for interactive virtual instruction, independent

practice and completion of assignments.


Grades Guidance for Interactive Virtual Instruction  Recommendations for

Independent Practice/Assignments

K-5 Not to exceed 3 hours daily  Not to exceed 40 minutes daily
6-8 Not to exceed 3 hours daily  Not to exceed 60 minutes daily
9-12 Not to exceed 3 hours daily Not to exceed 90 minutes daily


Can my child go technology-free with printed learning materials? 

We strongly encourage students to use E-learning and we are committed to supporting this transition for our students. However, if you do not have a device, internet access, or if you would prefer a technology-free option with printed learning materials, please contact your child’s teacher.

In April, the district began mailing tech-free printed materials and resources to PreK and K-5 families from the central office printshop. Students in grades 6-12 will be mailed printed materials directly from their school. If you have any questions about printed learning materials, please contact your school directly.  Teachers will provide tech-free lessons for all students identified as participating in this option.


How will grading and marking periods be handled?

To develop plans for grading, Hartford Public Schools reviewed guidance from the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) and made revisions to our grading practices. 

The end date for the third quarter was revised to March 13, the last day when school was in session. Due to the challenges of submitting makeup assignments at this time, no student will be penalized for missed third-quarter assignments. Final Quarter 3 grades were recorded on April 24 and  report cards will be mailed home on May 1.

 Quarter 4 began on March 30 and will end on the last day of school, June 11. PreK-8 standards-based grading (SBG) practices will remain the same. Students will receive numerical grades for assignments, using the scale of 50-100. A passing grade for all assignments is 60 percent or higher.

Any missing assignments will be marked as ‘Missing’ in the gradebook. Students will have the opportunity to make up missing assignments to improve grades.  A grade of Incomplete is available for any student who has not yet had an opportunity to complete quarter 4 work, including students requiring technology-free learning. A course completion plan is required for Incompletes, and must be agreed upon by the student, teacher, and school administrator.

What about final exams and grades?

 Final exams are canceled and will not be included in grade determinations.  Quarter 4 grades will be due on June 4. In alignment with state guidance, the final quarter 4 grade will be converted automatically to Pass/Fail.


Are seniors still required to complete Capstone projects?

Senior students are highly encouraged, if possible, to continue the components of their Capstone Experience project that are possible to complete while schools are closed. However, seniors will not be penalized for not completing components that are not possible due to social distancing or other barriers related to COVID-19.

My child receives services, who can help me?

The Special Education case manager should be your main point of contact. The case manager can assist with Google Classroom assignments, collaborating with related service providers, supporting your child and ensuring they will be successful.  

For students learning English, support services will be provided by a Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or a Bilingual (Spanish) Teacher. Please contact your classroom teacher for their available office hours.



Q.  Will there be any sports in the spring?

On May 5, Governor Lamont ordered the cancellation of in-school classes for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year. Immediately following, the CIAC cancelled the spring sports season. If school buildings remain closed over the summer, sports opportunities will also be cancelled, and the focus will be on preparing for the return of sports in the fall.  


   Meals for Students

When and where can I pick up meals for my children?

Any student 18 years old or younger can pick up lunch and breakfast at any of our 17 school locations. Meals are distributed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. On Mondays and Wednesdays, two days of meals will be provided. On Fridays, three days of meals will be provided. For a list of pickup locations and a map, visit our website: 


Will there be a graduation?

No official decision regarding graduation has been made at this time. In addition to guidance provided by the State Department of Education, we are currently working in partnership with High School Principals, as well as senior students, to obtain input about possible alternatives. Ultimately, our goal is to provide all our graduating seniors with the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony. However, we must receive guidance from public health officials on how and when public ceremonies will be permitted. We will update families as soon as we have more information.

Facilities & Cleanliness

How are the schools being cleaned?

All schools have been deep-cleaned, and we continue to disinfect areas that have been utilized for meal and device distribution. The first round of deep cleaning involved areas that may have been touched by persons:  doors, knobs, handles, entire bathrooms, keyboards, lockers, desks, chairs, railings, etc.

Cleaning methods have migrated to rugs and walls and glass, and we will continue to expand as we progress throughout the buildings.


You can also click here to link to our FAQ. [En español]