FROM THE BOAT TO OBAMA: A Must See For Every Youth & Young Adult Organization


A Must See For Every Youth & Young Adult Organization
At the Bushnell Theater
166 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut
Welcome to a preview of the stage play
 “From the Boat to Obama”
May 21, 2014
Show times:  10:00 am, 12: 00pm & 7:00pm
What is “From the Boat to Obama”? The production is a shining example: of musical ethnic theater, complete with amazing dance numbers, period wardrobe, eminently remarkable songs, plus touching poetry, oracle presentations, etc. The musical highlights notable, historic moments in the African-American experience. The play brings to life the richness of Africa's cultures transplanted in America. The production captures Africa before slavery and the enslavement and removal of Africans from their native home land via the Atlantic passage. From there, the audience is taken on a journey over the gulfs of time, from the 16th century to modern day America. Using songs, dances, dramatic interpretations, poetry punctuated with a photographic slideshows, the performers will make chronological, historic “short stops” in various eras, which constitute the acts of the play. The musical moves in a historical wave from the burning of the Black Wall Street, slaves shipped to many parts of the world, inventions, En Route to Texas, the Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement, the Sixteenth Street Church experience, the start of the jazz, big band, and hip hop eras; and ending the experience with contemporary history makers such as, President Barack Obama. To further expand the vision of African American history, new inventions, dances and scenes are incorporated into the show each year.This is 70 minutes of non stop; sit on the edge of your set history journey in motion
The objective of “From the Boat to Obama”is to help all students increase their comprehension of history, diversity, appreciation of, and respect of cultural differences. We believe in the power of art to transform lives of young people. We believe the benefits of the musical and theatrical arts disciplines can provide: diversity awareness, promote self esteem, positive cultural appreciation, and to expose students to the educational benefits of the integrated arts.
Our mission is to bridge the educational gap, for children who are not adequately exposed to the arts, in conjunction with teaching expressive dance, drumming, and acting techniques, which enable our youth to develop their creativity, awareness and self-esteem through knowledge and accomplishments in the performing arts.
As a growing organization, we envision achieving the following programming objectives as we develop new, diverse theatrical projects:
  • Build self confidence; teach children how to focus while maintaining self control and discipline.
  • Clarify the misconceptions; pertaining to the arts, due to lack of exposure and information.
  • Create positive and meaningful relationships within the community.
  • Present non-traditional theater that showcases the vibrant, diversity of not only the Greater Hartford community, but the state of Connecticut.
  • Encourage family involvement and new audience participation, by providing quality theater performance, which is culturally diverse.
  • Assist not only schools in meeting statutory obligation to teach diverse culture and historical experiences, but include all churches youth and young adult community organizations, to step into the gap for the schools to ensure our young people are properly made aware of true history.
For group tickets rates, please call Audrey Aitkinat The Bushnell at (860) 987-6052 or send an email to
On behalf of Transforming Anew, and our cast, we thank you in advance for your support.
Submitted by,
Mary Taylor,
Director, Transforming Anew

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