Governor Dannel Malloy Visits MD Fox School to Promote Preschool Awareness

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Governor Dannel Malloy Visits MD Fox School to Promote Preschool Awareness

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy got down on his hands and knees with a bunch of pre-schoolers in Hartford Thursday as he drove home his message about his initiative that added 1,020 pre-school slots this year.
Reprinted from the Hartford Courant

Sept. 4, 2014

"I came by to say hello because we are celebrating the fact this school has two classrooms of pre-kindergarten and we'ver very happy … Instead of one classroom, we have two now," Malloy told the children at M.D. Fox School, before he decided to give them a geography lesson that involved crawling around on a classroom rug with a world map on it.

"Did you know that you are sitting on the world, by the way?" Malloy asked the children.

Marge Jackson, principal of M.D. Fox, said she was very pleased that the school was able to increase the number of children enrolled in pre-K at Fox from 18 and one classroom last year to 36 and two classrooms this year.

Malloy noted that this year's statewide expansion comes on top of a similar expansion last year that added 1,000 new pre-school slots. The expansion is part of a five-year plan that will serve an additional 4,010 chidlren by 2019.

To the grown-ups, Malloy said, "This is a substantial downpayment … on getting to universal access to pre-kindergarten learning experiences for the children of Connectcut."

Back on the world map rug, Malloy showed the children where North America is and then zeroed in on Connecticut and Hartford. "So when you sit on this rug, you can always know where you are, which is right there!" Malloy said pointing at the spot. "Okay?"

"Okay!" a little girl answered.

Malloy also taught the kids a thing or two about interpersonal skills. "You always look the guy in the eye when you shake hands," Malloy said as he shook hands with pre-schoolers. "You want the person to think that you think that they are important, just like I think you're important."

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