Great Path Academy Student Participates on White House Summit Panel

Great Path Academy Student Participates on White House Summit Panel

Great Path Academy student, Tyra DeClaire participated on the White House Summit Panel at Manchester Community College on December 5th, 2016 with a moderator from the White House.  Ms. DeClaire did an excellent job representing both Great Path and Hartford Public Schools.

Ms. DeClaire reflects upon her experience:

As a black young woman, before speaking on the panel, I felt motivated to not only represent high-schoolers but also the Hartford community. I gave input about my personal experience, growing up in other countries and migrating to the USA, I was exposed to many different cultures. This opportunity shined a light on my personal life and I was able to speak on various teenage realities/concerns about those who live within the community.

Through this experience I learned how to lead and become a voice for the youth and specifically minorities. I am grateful for the ability to express my views on matters that affect today’s society. My wish is that some of the things I’ve said while speaking on the panel would be taken into consideration. I emphasized my view on the need for diversity in teachers, and I stated that the perspective in which African American history is taught to students should be changed to look at history and current issues as they actually are instead of concealing them. It is vital for students to be taught by teachers who can connect with them and inspire them to advocate for change. If I could change something about the education system it would definitely be the history curriculum/ books. What I have learned from research and from personal experience is very different from what is seen on printed pages.

I am thankful to Manchester Community College and Great Path Academy for giving me the honor of representing the school on the panel. I want to continue to work to ensure that the ideas and concerns of students are used to propel our education system to move forward.

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