Great Path Academy Young Ladies Attend Women’s STEM-C Conference


Great Path Academy Young Ladies Attend Women's STEM-C Conference

(From left to right) Kelly Shouldice, Mattea Whitford, Alivia Caruso, Tahira Durant, Gifty Asante, MonCherie Salmon and Bridget Shouldice don brain map hats as part of one of the many interactive activities that they participated in at a women's STEM-C conference.
Several teams of young ladies from Great Path Academy attended the Women's STEM-C conference being held by CREC's Academy of Aerospace and Engineering at Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science (GHAMAS) on Saturday December 13, 2014.  The ladies competed in teams of four against other schools to use scientific and engineering problem solving skills in a series of real-world science tasks.  Themes of the day included; Computer Science, Neuroscience, Physics, and Engineering.  GPA students who attended the event were Gifty A., Alivia C., Tahira D., MonCherie S., Bridget S., Kelly S. and Mattea W.
All of the students who attended are very interested in S.T.E.A.M. careers; for example, Kelly S. is passionate about biology and plans on pursuing teaching; Alivia C. has love for theatre, choosing to study costume design as well as acting; and Mattea W. is looking into engineering and mathematics.  
In Kelly S.’s words, for the first event, they participated in a Chemistry lab titled "Kool Chromatology" where we learned about chomatology using a Kool-Aid substance.  Chromatology is "the separation of a mixture by passing it in solution or suspension or as a vapor (as in gas chromatography) through a medium in which the components move at different rates." (Google). They moved the substance through the Sep-Pak to look at the different colors used in the creation of Grape Kool-Aid.
The second event consisted of using the MIT app builder to create a basic drawing app. This uses android software and they were able to connect their devices and see the updates in real time. They had too much fun with this.  The app builder utilizes a basic drag and drop method to help create this app.  During a third event, the students participated in a neuroscience activity. They colored in brain hats and played jeopardy to learn about the brain, various functions, and other cool facts.  Other activities included a 3-D printing activity, where Tahira D. and her group designed snowflakes using software and Photonics, where the girls used binary code and circuits, as well as programming electronics.  
The girls were so excited by the event that they are looking into applying what they learned and concepts of the event towards their Capstone projects, a graduation requirement. 

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