Great Path Students Promote the Arts in “Imagine Main Street” Project

SPOTLIGHT On EXCELLENCE     Issue 22     January 14, 2013

Great Path Students Promote the Arts in "Imagine Main Street" Project

Students from Great Path Academy at Manchester Community College participated in the event ”Imagine Main Street” in Manchester on December 6th, from 6 – 9PM.  They transformed an empty storefront at 699 Main Street into a gallery for the evening.  Some Great Path Academy students were able to work on their Senior Capstone Project by promoting, advertising, hanging art works, and  greeting visitors.
The artwork included large charcoal portraits, paintings, prints, ceramics, and iPad generated images, all completed in Ms. Hebebrand’s art and ceramic classes. Anne Hebebrand is the Connecticut Art Education Association’s 2012 outstanding secondary art teacher.  The idea behind the Imagine Main Street project was to promote and develop the arts in downtown Manchester and to create a space for young, talented, artists show their work to the community.
Students, parents and teachers came to visit during the three-hour gallery opening and were able to buy holiday cards, artworks and small pottery to support the fundraising for the Great Path Academy’s Art Club.  The evening was a great success with many visitors, a ton of holiday spirit, music and a performance by the school’s mascot.

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