Students who Attend Today Achieve Tomorrow

Students who Attend Today Achieve Tomorrow

Attendance data from the first quarter of 2019-2020 reveals that Chronic Absenteeism at Hartford Public Schools has been reduced by 5.4% compared to the same period last year. The greatest improvement was in Kindergarten, and in the 6th grade, Chronic Absenteeism was at an all-time low.

Some additional highlights to celebrate:

  • 1,081 fewer students are chronically absent now than last year
  • 9 schools have shown improvement of 8 percentage points or more
  • 12 schools are at goal range

The district’s focused attention on reducing Chronic Absenteeism and comprehensive approach made this success possible. The positive trend is due to several key strategies, including the District Attendance Team, school-based attendance teams, new school-based positions (Student Engagement Specialists and Family & Community Service Support Providers), a new student mentoring program, and more.

Watch our Superintendent, Dr. Leslie Torres Rodriguez and our students as they remind us why it is important to come to School Every Day.


Percentage of Students Chronically Absent
as of 10/24/2019

Of course, there is still work to do. And we take this moment to thank our students, families, our community partners, school staff and faculty, and our administration for the hard work they are doing. Together we are helping to ensure that our students Attend Today to Achieve Tomorrow.  Attendance Matters.


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