Spotlight on Excellence, the district newsletter, is issued once a month to both internal and external email recipients (our employees, our families, and our community & corporate partners.)  Spotlight provides an opportunity for sharing information about Hartford Public Schools both at the district and school-level.  Submissions are encouraged and welcomed.  Due to space and other constraints, not all submissions are guaranteed and, at times, may be edited for length and/or spelling and grammatical inconsistencies.  In submitting materials for Spotlight, please keep in mind the following guidelines as well as the submission deadlines. Thank you.
Please send all submissions to  You may also CC Deborah Zimmerman Herz at
  1. Please provide grammatically correct text with no spelling errors.
  2. Please provide date and place of event and/or activity featured.
  3. If photos are included, please send with complete captions.
    • If possible, please provide full names of individuals featured.
    • If the individual is a student, please provide grade level.
    • IMPORTANT: For all photos of students, a media release form must be in place at student’s school authorizing use of the student photo in publications and materials. For students featured in your articles, please provide a copy of the media release to our office as well.   You may also use this Principal’s Media Approval Form which allows the principal of your school to confirm media use permissions for one or more students.  We had a media release form area added to the Student Information Pages in PowerSchool to make it easier to track which students have signed media releases. Our hope is that as signed media release forms come into the school in August and September, a school administrator will be able to check the yes and no boxes in PowerSchool, so for the rest of each student’s years at HPS, it will be very easy to ascertain the student’s status.

    • If the individual is HPS staff, please provide title or grade taught.
    • If individual is an HPS partner, please provide name of organization or company and title.
  4. Please provide writing in third person, e.g., “ABC School raised over a $1,000 to buy books for the school’s library” instead of “We raised over a $1,000 to buy books for our library”.
  5. Please spell out the phrase for which an acronym is provided e.g. Hartford Public Schools (HPS).
  6. If the submission is about an event, an activity, a program and/or a seminar/course, please provide a brief explanation of the program and/or seminar/course.
  7. Please send submissions before 12 noon on the deadline stated below.  If not received by that date, the submission may be considered for the following issue one month later.

Deadline for Submissions

Issue Date (always the second Thursday of every month)

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Friday, October 7, 2016 October 13th, 2016
Friday, November 4, 2016 November 10th, 2016
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Friday, February 3, 2017 February 9th, 2017
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