Hartford Parent University Shares Meeting Highlights from Hartford Parent Leadership Council

Hartford Parent University Shares Meeting Highlights from Hartford Parent Leadership Council

Published on May 4, 2016


·         Brief overview of Nellie Education Foundation work and HPU’s Lead Community Partner role with HPS to build public understanding that educates communities about student centered learning approaches to learning, to develop a shared leadership culture and leadership pipeline to mobilize change in school districts, and why schools must change to better prepare today’s youth

·         Watched a video about Student Centered Learning and it approaches (Nellie Education Foundation https://www.youtube.com/user/NellieMaeEdFdn)

·         Group made of list of school issues. (Suspensions, Communication, Therapeutic Setting Not Effective and Two School Within One Building)

 Next Steps (February Meeting)

·         Bring in a guest speaker, Ms. Gwen Samuel, parent leader who lead the school governance council (SGC) state legislation to provide overview of the history and SGC roles and responsibilities


·         Ms. Gwen Samuels provided an overview of the SGC history / roles and responsibilities and how it became a statewide mandate

Next Steps (March Meeting)

·         Continue discussion on school issues

·         Invite Milly Arciniegas to discuss school policy


·         Milly Arciniegas explained school policy to the group and did an exercise on following policy

·         Discussion continued on school issues and bullying, budget and enrollment cap where added to the list

·         Group began identifying their demands under the suspension issue.  They needed clarification on what defines violence and sexual nature, how many schools had inside suspension and Positive Behavior Intervention System teams as it calls for in the suspension policy and district school climate plan. The group decided that they would invite Mario Florez, District Climate Specialist and Paula Alteiri, Chief Financial Officer to our April meeting.


Next Steps (April Meeting)

·         Invite Mario Florez, District Climate Specialist and Paula Alteiri, Chief Financial Officer to provide overview of inside suspension and PBIS.


·         Group received in their packet – agenda, minutes of last month, copy of the state mandate on inside/outside suspensions, list of schools with a designated paraprofessional for inside suspension, copy of student climate survey’s, copy of upcoming HPU Learning Session

·         Mr. Florez spoke on the following items:

o   Inside Suspension

§  According to the state inside suspension policy all school must have inside suspension but does not clarify what it needs to look like inside a school.

§  12 schools currently have an assigned paraprofessional and a room for inside suspension

§  The other remaining schools do not have designated personnel for inside suspension.  It may look like (ie.  Student sitting in the hallway with a staff member that was available or assigning the student to sit in another classroom)

o   Positive Behavior Intervention System

§  32 schools utilizes Positive Behavior Intervention Systems

·         Every school should have a positive behavior intervention team or a team designated for school climate.  Contact information of PBIS teams will be provided to the HPU Program Coordinator to distribute to HPLC.

o   Define violence and sexual nature

§  Currently only the principal at any school is the only designated person that decides what constitutes violent or sexual in nature

o   Student Climate Survey

§  Student climate survey has not been revised for 5 years and steps are being taken to include parents in revising the student climate survey.  HPLC will be invited to participate in the revisions.

o   Parent and Staff Climate Survey

§  A copy of the parent and staff climate survey will be provided to HPU program coordinator to distribute to HPLC.

Note:  Paula Alteiri was unable to attend the meeting due to budget obligations.  We will coordinate for her to come out to a future meeting.


Next Steps (May Meeting)


·         Discuss HPS suspension policy revision recommendations gathered from the group to submit to Hartford Public Schools policy committee


For more information please contact Deborah Bigelow at dbigelow@hartfordparentuniversity.org

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