Hartford Public High School Students Explore Career-based Academic Pathways in their School

Hartford Public High School Students Explore Career-based Academic Pathways in their School

HARTFORD, Conn. (March 22, 2022) – Freshmen at Hartford Public Schools are preparing to take their education to the next level by registering for a Career Pathway this week. Hartford Public Schools’ Career Pathway programs offer students real-world, hands-on experiences through classes, job-shadowing and internships. The programs are the result of surveys that indicated students wanted more quality, engaging programs to create a continuum of post-secondary success.

In collaboration with community partners, we developed a series of Pathways, including Engineering and Green Technology, Journalism and Media, Insurance and Finance, Computer Science, and Public Service.

Last year, Hartford Public Schools partnered with Hartford Healthcare and ReadyCT to launch the Allied Health Pathway. This program serves as a pipeline to the high-demand healthcare industry. Dedicated students can earn key industry credentials including First Aid and CPR certification and training as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technician. More than 40 students joined the Allied Health Pathway in the first year, and Hartford Public Schools is hoping to double that number in the second year of registration.

“We are thrilled that Hartford Healthcare recognizes the value of Hartford Public school students and has engaged in a meaningful partnership,” said Hartford Public School Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez. “We know that when students are in a Pathway, their attendance is higher, they are more engaged, and they perform better in school.”

This week, rising 10th graders at Hartford Public, Weaver and Bulkeley High Schools are invited to a series of discussions and events to inform them about the opportunities available through multiple Pathways. Thursday, March 24 is ‘Signing Day” when students will decide which Pathway they would like to pursue.

“These students are poised to become the next leaders within these high demand industries and we’ll continue to support them in transforming their world by providing these challenging and rewarding academic experiences,” said Dr. Torres-Rodriguez. 

Hartford Public Schools is grateful to the community partners and staff who have made this program a success, as well as the students who are committed to acquiring the skills needed to make an impact in our community. 

To see more pictures from the March 22, 2022 Press Conference.

HPHS Students demonstrate CPR for adults and infants. Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, right. watches

Jefferson Radiology, Hartford Emergency Services, University of Hartford, and Hartford Healthcare (pictured) were some of many organizations on-hand discussing career opportunities for the Healthcare Pathway students.

Watch the March 22, 2022 Press event at HPHS with partners, Hartford Healthcare, CBIA, Ready CT, Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, Principal Flora Padro, Mayor Luke Bronin, and HPHS students