Hartford Public Schools Honors its Paraeducators

Hartford Public Schools Honors its Paraeducators

                                 Hartford Public Schools Paraeducator of the Year, Kelly Harris of Milner Middle School

On Thursday August 22, 2019 at Bulkeley High School the AFT-CT, HFP 2221 Paraeductors Union and Hartford Public Schools honored and celebrated our Paraeducators at the Paraeducator of the Year Awards.

Union members were joined by AFT and Hartford Federation of Paraeducators representatives, Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez who presented the awards, Shellye Davis, Assistant Superintendent Dr. June Sellers, Chief of Schools Evette Avila, Janet Serrano, Jackie Aviles, and more.

The work of our Paraeducators is vitally important to our students. It also helps to advance the mission of Hartford Public Schools by inspiring and preparing all students to meet success in and beyond school.

Paraeducators help our students with behavioral challenges, multiple disabilities, and complex medical needs learn to read, walk, talk, smile, communicate, and to be sociable.

Paraeducators go above and beyond daily making sure our students who face the toughest challenges are comfortable, cared for, and learning.

Our nominees exemplify the best that Paraeducators have to offer our beautiful and capable students. They bring their personal and professional commitment to this crucial and indispensable work.



Our 2019-2020 Paraeducator nominees and finalists:

Benjamin Aguilera SAND School
Nicoletta Budonaro Classical Magnet School
Leah Camby Bingham Breakthrough South Magnet School
Brittany Chambers Burns School
Anthony Christie Bulkeley High School
Ada Darity MLK Middle School
Ligia Flores HPHS Nursing
Milagros Garcia Betances Early Reading Lab Magnet School
Natasha Goode Kinsella Performing Arts Magnet School
Lois Grant Rawson School
Maritza Harper STEM Betances Magnet School
Raquel Johnson Moylan School
Sheila Nelson Wish School
Linda Pavajeau Pathways Academy of Technology & Design
Mildred Ramos HPHS Engineering
Elise Rivera Naylor School
Jeffrey Tilton Sanchez School
Ashley Welton MD Fox School
Regina Whiskeyman Mary Hooker Environmental Sciences Magnet School


Our Top Ten Finalists received a commemorative clock:

Mayra Alvarez Noah Webster Microsociety Magnet School
Maria Ayala HPHS Law and Government
Cynthia Desrocher Hartford PK Magnet School
Sandra Madar Early Childhood Dev Team (ECDT)
Melissa Perez Breakthrough North Magnet School
Jaclyn Sylvestro Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School
Maria Vazquez Kennelly School




Our Three Finalists:

Marlena Baez Parkville School
Sherika Dunkley Burr School
Kelly Harris Milner School


Our Paraeducator of the Year for the Hartford Public Schools, Kelly Harris from Milner Middle School (above left) chats with Mayor Luke Bronin and Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez.


Kelly Harris is an Inside Suspension Paraeducator and has been a Paraeducator with the Hartford Public Schools since September 2, 1988. Congratulations, Kelly!

Congratulations to our finalists and all of this year’s nominees. We thank you for your dedication, generosity, boundless energy and passion for your work with our children. We are so fortunate and so proud to have you in our district.

Shellye Davis, Mayor Luke Bronin, Dr. Torres-Rodriguez and AFT-CT members.
Paraeducators from Breakthrough South Magnet School join Mayor Bronin and Dr. Torres-Rodriguez
Hartford Public Schools  IEP Compliance Manager, Floreca Skrapalli and Special Educator Support Facilitator – 603/Compliance, Luz Fraticelli are joined by Mayor Luke Bronin.