Hartford Public Schools Hosts Family Fun Event: Hopes, Dreams & Visions

Hartford Public Schools Hosts Family Fun Event: Hopes, Dreams & Visions

Mr. Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad, Executive Director of My People Clinical Services and Dream Chaser #1, facilitated an engaging workshop entitled, “Ten Types of Dreams.”  It was a fun, interactive, and meaningful evening as families (youth and parents) created their very own Dream Boards.

                    Mr. Muhammad led an engaging, interactive presentation about Hopes, Dreams and Visions.


One parent expressed her gratitude of the event and suggested that, “we do more of this.”  She had never created a dream board before and it allowed her the time and space to map out dreams and goals for her and her family as a whole.

People of all ages enjoyed the Dream Board activities.


While parents created their dream boards, youth in the childcare area completed a similar activity describing in words and pictures what they wanted to be and do when they grow up.

                                                                                           Dream Boards!


Tamara Mitchell-Davis, Assistant Director of the Office of Family Engagement & Community Partnerships would like to thank parents and youth for attending, Mr. Muhammad, family-support staff in our schools, Chief of Engagement (Mrs. Nuchette Black-Burke) and the entire Family Engagement team, Communications Team, childcare assistants, Mr. Mink of 89.9 Qute FM, and Principal Heredia and staff for allowing us to host the event at SAND School.

                            With their dreams organized and in-hand, families left the event happy.


The smiles on the faces of our families were PRICELESS!