A Message from Dr. Kishimoto.

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE      Issue 1     December 21, 2012


Dear Parents,

Please enjoy this first publication of our newsletter created just for you.  We will publish and distribute a new issue via email each month as a way to share news about the district and to provide information that will be helpful to you as you support your child’s educational experience.

In this issue, we take a moment to extend our deepest condolences and support to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School.   Our hearts are heavy as we remember the victims and, at the same time, hope for peace for the entire Newtown community.   

As always, we want you to know that the well-being of our students is our top priority. Following the tragedy in Newtown, all principals put their crisis intervention teams on alert to respond to questions that might arise as a result of the tragedy.  The district has provided additional support in the form of mobile crisis services that include a team of social workers that provides counseling if the need is more than the prevention team can handle. 

Regarding security, we have been advised that the Hartford Police Department is providing a heightened police presence, as officers will be stopping by and increasing patrols around our schools. District security officials are also making personal visits to every school throughout the week to ensure that access to school buildings is controlled at all times.  They will be reviewing all Lockdown and Emergency Response protocols with school administrators. These protocols, which were developed by our security team in collaboration with law enforcement officials, vary from school to school; depending on how each school is configured. In particular, security officials will ensure that office staff takes their time when buzzing people into school buildings and that they take the appropriate steps when speaking to visitors via the school’s access control systems before letting them in the building.

We have provided links to online resources below for parents, teachers and the community that can help us further support each other in coping with last Friday’s heartbreaking events.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is affecting all of us deeply and we will continue to offer our support to Newtown Public Schools.

On behalf of everyone at Hartford Public Schools, I wish you and your family a holiday season filled with comfort, warmth and health.  We are excited to see you and your students again in the New Year.

Your Superintendent, Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto


·         www.nasponline.org/resources/crisis_safety/talkingviolence.pdf

·         New York Life_Foundation_Bereavement_Guide_- After_a_Loved_One_Dies

·         New York Life Foundation Bereavement Guide in Spanish (Guía para manejar la pérdida de un ser querido)


·         http://www.fccfoundation.org/cm/Sandy%20Hook%20School.html

The students from HPHS Nursing Academy created this bulletin board as a tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary School

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