Hartford Public Schools Showing Overall Improvement in ELA and Mathematics

Hartford Public Schools Showing Overall Improvement in ELA and Mathematics

(HARTFORD, Thursday, August 18, 2016) – Connecticut’s Smarter Balanced test results for the 2015-16 school year were released today and they show that overall Hartford Public Schools’ students have improved scores.

Twenty-two schools have shown improvement overall in English language arts, while 24 schools have shown improvement overall in mathematics.

“Progress was made in English language arts and mathematics in our second year of testing of the Smarter Balanced exams. We will continue to focus on student learning and student growth through our ongoing commitment to provide each and every student with a well-rounded education that supports their individual learning strengths and needs,” said Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez.

Every student subgroup has increased scores in mathematics with a 1.8% improvement across the district relative to last year. The district has requested the 2014-15 ELA results for the computer adaptive test from the State Department of Education to make valid comparisons year over year.

“As Commissioner Dianna R. Wentzell has stated, this testing raises the bar for our children and sets high expectations. Results show that our students can do this and we remain committed to ensuring that our students are able to meet these raised expectations,” said Dr. Narvaez. “This is one measure of student learning. We know that we have work to do. In developing the strategic operating plan, we knew we had to fill in curriculum gaps and focus on teaching and learning. This work is currently under way and remains as one of our highest priorities.”

Superintendent Narvaez highlighted the district’s commitment to reach proficiency levels in 3rd grade reading and 9th grade Algebra 1 by the year 2020. These are two of the education equity indicators stated in Hartford Public Schools’ strategic operating plan.

“Overall, we are seeing positive growth in ELA and mathematics, where the majority of grade levels have shown improvement. One of our focus areas for this upcoming school year is mathematics and strengthening the Algebra 1 curriculum so that when students enter high school they are ready for success,” said Dr. Narvaez.

Other Hartford Public Schools efforts will have a positive impact in the near future, such as reducing chronic absenteeism, reducing out-of-school suspensions, and connecting kids with caring adults.

“We know that we have to attend to some of the early foundation issues. Our work in reducing chronic absenteeism and out-of-school suspensions will lead to improved academic outcomes,” said Dr. Narvaez. “Through a comprehensive and focused approach to improve our practices and efforts in these areas, the chronic absenteeism rate was reduced from 25.1% in 2014-15 to 20.5% in 2015-16, a 4.6% reduction from one school year to the following school year. Out-of-school suspensions were reduced by one-third during the same period. We will also make sure that our students have more opportunities to make meaningful connections with caring adults as a reinforcement of their abilities to have positive academic outcomes.”