Hartford Public Schools Welcomes New Board of Education Members

February 24, 2016–  Dear Hartford Public Schools Families and Friends,
Hartford Public Schools welcomed new members to its ranks on Tuesday during the Board of Education’s organizational meeting held at Annie Fisher School.
I want to take a moment to thank retiring members Shelley Best and former Mayor Pedro Segarra for their dedicated service to the children and families of Hartford.
I am pleased to have the opportunity to welcome our new Board of Education members, Tiffany Fonseca Glanville and Karen Taylor, as well as to thank returning members Richard Wareing and José Colón Rivas.
We are excited to be able to count on Tiffany, mother of two children attending West Middle Community School, and Karen, mother of two children attending the University of Hartford Magnet School, to represent the best interest of our families at the Board level. Their community-oriented backgrounds and their commitment to our school system will certainly bring a positive impact in our ongoing efforts to achieving equity at every school in Hartford.
We also look forward to continuing our work in together with Chairman Richard Wareing and Vice Chair José Colón Rivas. Both have provided abundant leadership during their last four years of tenure at the BOE.
Let me, once again, extend my congratulations to all of you on behalf of Hartford Public Schools, our children and their families.
Our remaining Board of Education members are: Beth Taylor (Second Vice Chair), Craig Stallings (Secretary), Michael Brescia, Robert Cotto, Jr. and Matthew Poland.

Beth Schiavino-Narvaez
Superintendent of Schools

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