Hartford’s School Choice Lottery a Great Success!

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE     Issue 23     February 11, 2013

Hartford's School Choice Lottery a Great Success!


When this year’s School Choice Lottery ended on January 31st, every one of the District’s 1,015 eighth grade students had met the deadline for completing the mandatory Hartford Public School District Choice application for placement at a Hartford District High School.  

Of the total eighth grade transitional applications, 695 were submitted online and 320 were completed and submitted on paper.  The final application was submitted at 11:25 p.m.!

In addition to the mandatory transitional applications, the district received 976 applications from students seeking to be placed in elementary and middle schools.

More than 2,000 suburban students applied to attend Hartford High School Academies through the Open Choice Program, an increase of 200 applications over last year.  

The positive outcome of this year’s Hartford District Choice Lottery process demonstrates that confidence in our district’s commitment to prepare all students for college and career success continues to grow.

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