Four Hartford Public Schools to Participate in the World Affairs Council’s Model United Nations

Four Hartford Public Schools to Participate in the World Affairs Council's Model United Nations

The Model United Nations will be held this year on December 6th and 7th at the University of Hartford, 200 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford, CT.  Students from four Hartford Public Schools will participate:
The Law and Government Academy at HPHS, coached by Kellin Murphy; students from Capital Prep Magnet with Amoy Brock;  High School, Inc. will attend with teachers Chelsea Usher and Krycia Rybczyk; and Bulkeley High School's Teachers Prep and Humanities Academy students, coached by Frederick Turner.
This year the topics are: UN Security Council Reform; Global Partnership for Development; Corporate Social Responsibility; and Sustainable Transportation.

As we enter the new age of globalization, dealing with issues of economic development and national security has become increasingly contingent on our ability to understand and interact with the world beyond our borders. For that reason, it is more important than ever that we provide younger generations with a comprehensive knowledge of various international political affairs. The Model United Nations for CT high school students is an effective forum for our state’s teens to learn about the world of diplomacy as well as sharpen their abilities to effectively debate and resolve wide-ranging international matters.

The World Affairs Council of CT is proud to announce the 2013 Model United Nations. This year marks the 64th year that the Council has produced the Model UN, making it the third oldest model in the country. A unique feature of the Council’s Model UN is the annual visit to the United Nations in New York City. Each November, the Council arranges a full day at the UN, where students have the opportunity to meet face to face with the diplomats of the nations they will represent in the model and to attend briefings by UN personnel on important topics of international interest.

Each year over 400,000 middle school, high school and university students participate in a variety of Model United Nations programs worldwide. Each program is run independently, but common to all programs are the driving goals to increase international understanding and develop the art of peaceful negotiation among potential national and international leaders. Program participants are assigned a country that they will represent in a simulated General Assembly session. Several international political issues are identified by the group sponsoring the Model UN session that will serve as the focus of discussions. Participants meet, caucus, prepare policy papers, debate issues, draft and vote on resolutions.

At WAC Connecticut's Model United Nations program, students experience the inner-workings of international policy-making as they:

  • Tackle global issues and controversies
  • Draft resolutions
  • Navigate crisis scenarios
  • Debate solutions and ultimately
  • Vote representing their nations

In addition to the Model UN program, the World Affairs Council gives student participants the opportunity to travel to New York to tour the UN, meet real diplomats from the countries they are representing, and discuss timely global issues with the policy makers that are currently working to solve them. WACCT also contributes to the development of Model UN curriculum for teachers and offers MUN participants exclusive access to international events and speakers.

For mor einformation abotu Model United Nations in Connecticut, please contact Education Coordinator, Eve Pech.
If you are interested in volunteering please email Emily at
The World Affairs Council is supporting the Hartford Public Schools’ efforts to create and advance their internationally themed academies. The Council has been established in Hartford since 1924 and works actively in the metropolitan community by collaborating with schools and students. It encourages the students and educators to attend Council programs, many of which are free for students.
Latino Studies Academy at Burns School
This is an internationally themed school for children in pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. Its mission is to address the diverse needs of its students through the study of Spanish and Latino Studies. The Council was a member of the Design Team and is currently working to align the school program with a Latin-themed curriculum.
Hartford Public High School: Law and Government Academy
The Law and Government Academy is designed for students with an interest in pursuing the fields of law, government and community leadership. As a community partner, the Council met several times with students to consider current issues in international relations.  Students from the school are supported by a grant from St Germain Investments to attend Council Executive Forums and Business Luncheons for free. The school also participated in and hosted the 2011 Model United Nations on its campus.
Bulkeley High School
Bulkeley is a 9th grade to 12th grade high school. Students from the school are also supported by a grant from St Germain Investments to attend Council Executive Forums and Business Luncheons for free. The social studies teachers from the Humanities Program at Bulkeley regularly attend Council programs. Two of these teachers not only teach International Studies but have also been key players in writing the curriculum in this field for the Hartford system of schools. The school also participated in the 2011 Model United Nations organized by the Council.

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