Hartford Youth Scholars 2020 Matriculation

Hartford Youth Scholars 2020 Matriculation

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dictate the way that many of us move through our days, Hartford Youth Scholars is pleased to report that there are some things that will never change.

The 2020 summer session of The Collegiate Academy (TCA) was held virtually this year, and the Matriculation Ceremony was a “drive-through” affair. The hard-working 9th grade Scholars who were celebrated at this event came in cars that were driven by their parents or guardians, and they picked up their certificates of completion as siblings and other family members cheered them on. Some of their younger siblings may not have known exactly what was going on, but they applauded and cheered nonetheless for their big brothers’ and sisters’ accomplishments in their “school!”

While it is true that this year’s Matriculation Ceremony was different in some ways from the same event in years past, the pride glowing on their parents’ faces and the excitement shining through younger siblings’ eyes was exactly the same as it has always been.

Likewise, the sense of accomplishment that the matriculating Scholars exhibited made this year’s celebration seem just like every other year. Just like every other year… except that, given the added stressors that these young people faced and overcame in order to complete their final year at The Collegiate Academy, this year’s event was one that none will forget. Board members, faculty and staff all were there, cheering these young people on, applauding them with admiration and respect for what they have accomplished, and excitement to see what they’ll do next!

In addition to many independent schools and CREC schools, HYS Matriculating Scholars are entering the following Hartford public schools in the Fall:

Global Communications Academy
Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
Pathways Academy of Technology & Design
University High School of Science & Engineering
Weaver High School

Changing Lives Through Education

Hartford Youth Scholars are bright spots at this difficult time. They will lead our community, showing everyone the power and transformation of educational equity and proving that the future is in very good hands.

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