Hats Off to the Hartford Parent University Class of 2022!

Hats Off to the Hartford Parent University Class of 2022!

On June 1, 2022, Hartford Parent University celebrated its 10th parent graduation since 2012. A total of 107 parent leaders successfully completed the 10 class requirement to receive the Hartford Parent University Parent Leadership Certificate.

The goal of the Hartford Parent University is to increase parent engagement in the schools and empower parents to raise children who are successful in school and in life. The objectives of the Hartford Parent University are to:  increase the capacity of families to actively and effectively support their children’s education; positively impact school improvement; and improve the quality of life in Hartford’s communities.

We believe when parents have access to the knowledge and tools they need to effectively support their children’s education their children will be successful throughout their education and in life. As a result, parents will become engaged and intentional in expecting and supporting quality education for their children in ways that result in improved student outcomes and school improvement.

Some of the workshops delivered collaboratively with Hartford Public Schools and partners since the beginning of this year included the following:

·    Knowing Your Rights As Parents – Hartford Parent University

·    Families’ voices on Title I funds planning – Hartford Public Schools

·    Adverse Childhood Experiences, Stress, and Health – Area Health Education Center

·    Navigating the Hartford Public School System – Hartford Parent University

·    How does Hartford Public Schools navigate the Title IX civil rights law? – Hartford Public Schools

·    All means All: The Individuals with Disabilities Education (IDEA) – AFCAMP

·    When Good Kids Make Bad Choices – Hartford Parent University

·    Bullying Basics: HPS prevention and process – Hartford Public Schools

·    Multilingual Learners – Parent Engagement – Hartford Public Schools

Parents also had access to other workshops via the HPU online parent portal in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We had a total of 380 participants who attended one or more workshops.

The Bottom Up Approach program was implemented collaboratively with Hartford Public Schools in eight schools during the 2021 thru 2022 school year.  HPU parent organizers worked side by side with family community service support providers to create parent network action teams made up of twelve parents in each of the schools. These teams were charged with creating parent engagement structures to better understand how to be engaged in volunteer opportunities as well as participating in various parent activities in their child’s school.

The following schools participated in the program:

·    María C. Colón Sánchez Elementary

·    Parkville Community School

·    Alfred E. Burr Middle School

·    McDonough Middle School

·    Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

·    Hartford Public High School

·    Weaver High School

·    Bulkeley High School

A special thanks to the HPU parent organizers and the HPS family community service support providers for all of their hard work.

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