Hispanic Heritage Month at Parkville Community School

Hispanic Heritage Month at Parkville Community School

Enjoy the descriptions and pictures about the art, books, culture, and heritage that Parkville Community School students have been creating, exploring, and learning about during Hispanic Heritage Month.

2nd Grade – Mrs. Hahn’s class. We are reading books that explore different cultures in Hispanic and Latin countries. In my room we have a lot to share since we have friends from; Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Brazil.

These are some of the books we have been reading: Fiesta, La Pinata, Biblioburro, and Diego. We are noticing different settings and characters and discussing about the differences around the world.


5th grade Mrs. Signori’s class –  Hispanic Heritage Reports


1st Grade Bilingual Classroom – Mrs. Minano – students coloring their Latin country flag and writing where they are from.