HMTCA Students Participate in STEM Girl Panel at NGCP Board Meeting

HMTCA Students Participate in STEM Girl Panel at NGCP Board Meeting

Three HMTCA students participated in a STEM Girl Panel on September 30, 2018 at the Connecticut Convention Center as part of the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP)’s Champion’s Board Meeting.

Pauline Lake is a Teaching Consultant & Project Administrative Assistant for the Mobile CSP Project in the Computer Science Department at Trinity College and Program Director for Mobile Apps for Hartford.  She has done extensive work with Mr. James Veseskis, a teacher at HMTCA, to help bring Computer Science Education to Hartford and beyond over the last past 5 years. Ms. Lake also directs a summer internship program on behalf of Mobile CSP at Trinity College called Mobile Apps for Hartford. In 2016, the program received a grant from NGCP.

The NGCP recently reached out for help recruit young ladies to serve on the girl panel and share their STEM experiences. Ms. Lake sent out a handful of invitations to girls in the area that participated in Mobile Apps for Hartford and have since been doing great things to promote CS and STEM. Lola Kovalski and  Makenna Lindsay responded with enthusiasm and were an excellent part of the panel along with 4 other girls (1 from West Hartford and 3 from Middletown). The adults in the room were thoroughly impressed.

All 6 girls on the panel took the AP Computer Science Principles course using the Mobile CSP curriculum that was developed at Trinity College.

We  are extremely proud of these young ladies. Please join us in congratulating them.

You can see more photos and video, here.

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