Holocaust Speaker Visits 8th Grade Classes

Holocaust Speaker Visits 8th Grade Classes

Environmental Sciences Magnet School at Mary Hooker students, Zachary Griffith, left, and Akilah Stewart, far right, pose with Holocaust survivor Endre Sarkany (above) after his emotional talk with the 8th grade class recently.

Endre “Andy” Sarkany told students at the Environmental Sciences Magnet at Hooker School recently not to use the word, “hate.”

”It is a bad word…don’t use it,” Sarkany said to the 8th grade class last month during his visit.

Sarkany, a speaker with the Holocaust & Human Rights Center came to speak to the class as part of their recent ELA research unit on World War II and the Holocaust.  According to the Center, Sarkany was born in Budapest, Hungary on October 31, 1936.  The building he lived in was located inside the Budapest ghetto which is where he remained during the Holocaust along with over 100 orphaned children.

Sarkany, who is Jewish, spoke to the students for 90 minutes, showing slides of where he lived in the ghetto, his father before he was sent to a concentration camp, and a beloved dog that was shot by an Anti -Semitic neighbor.  He said he continues to speak at schools to educate students on the horrors his people endured during the Holocaust.

Now 83 years old, and running 5k to test himself, Sarkany, a former soccer player, told the students to live each day and appreciate others.

Eighth grade student Liana Diaz said she will remember the word “freedom” and its importance to Sarkany as he spoke of crying and seeing the Statue of Liberty as an immigrant.

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