HPHS Students Share How Hope Academy Helps Them Stay On Track for Graduation

HPHS Students Share How Hope Academy Helps Them Stay On Track for Graduation

Hope Academy at the Boys and Girls Club is a program for students at Hartford Public High School who need support in staying on track for graduation. Through smaller class sizes of no more than 10-15 students, working alongside a dedicated staff of ELA, math, science, and social studies teachers sharing engaging, project-based learning, and opportunities for accelerated credit attainment, students earn their way back on-track toward graduation.

Students can continue to participate in the rich extracurricular offerings of Hartford Public High School while enjoying a more personalized educational experience.

Diana Laracuente, Assistant Principal of  Hope Academy states, “Our students are reminded to ‘work hard and be kind’ and to ‘treat others as they want their mom or grandma to be treated’. The students last year supported and encouraged each other to reach their goals. We are so proud of the 2020-2021 Hope Academy Students.”

Last Spring before graduation, Justin Taylor, now Assistant Principal at Hartford Public High School, interviewed some HPHS seniors who were attending Hope Academy. Watch the videos below to understand why Hope Academy students love their program and how the sense of community that’s been built at Hope Academy is having positive impacts on student outcomes and experiences.

Hope Academy Is Different - Jared Cintron '21

Hope Academy Is A Family - Jared Cintron '21

Strong Teacher Bonds at Hope Academy - Harding Tarley '21

Welcoming Atmosphere at Hope Academy - Harding Tarley '21

We All Work Together - Anita Walker '21

Project-based Learning Is Fun - Anita Walker '21

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For more information about Hope Academy, please contact:

Diana Laracuente, Assistant Principal, Hope Academy, Hartford Public Schools
860-695-1610 – office