HPS Office of Early Literacy and Mega Education Team Up on the 3rd Grade Writing Competition Awards

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE     November 2014


HPS Office of Early Literacy and Mega Education Team Up Again on the  City-Wide 3rd Grade Writing Competition Awards

Dee Cole, Executive Director of Early Literacy and Parent Engagement, Dr. Louis Brown, and Attorney Jefflrey Dressler of MegaEducation (back row,) join the five contest winners, Jachimma Anaedo of Noah Webster Magnet, Jasmine Lewis of West Middle, Esmeralda Torres from Sanchez, Valerie Rosa from Parkville Elemnetary School, and Elena Martins-Francis of Rawson School.

On Thursday, November 13, 2014 The Office of Early Literacy Hartford Public Schools & Mega Education® celebrated the written word at the City Wide 3rd Grade Writing Competition Awards.  The top two essayists from each school were invited to Sarah J. Rawson Elementary School for a celebration of writing talent, and the adulation of parents, teachers and  friends.

The five winners read their essays, some on tiptoe, buoyed by their teachers!


A full dinner was provided for everyone and then the fun began the reading of winning essays and recognition of all of the City’s 15 top 3rd grade scholars!

The auditorium was full of parents and family members brimming with pride, as 3rd graders from around the city were honored for their hard work and dedication in competing in the preparation of an essay.

The following students were celebrated at Rawson as part of the celebration.  The starred (*) names are the five winners.

1.       *Jachimma Anaedo, Noah Webster Magnet

2.       *Jasmine Lewis, West Middle

3.       *Esmeralda Torres, Sanchez

4.       *Valerie Rosa, Parkville

5.      *Elena Martins-Francis, Rawson

6.       Regis Benn, Martin Luther King

7.       Eh Hsi, Martin Luther King

8.      Denae Stewart, Rawson

9.       Destine Dawson, Global Communications Academy

10.   Tahmir Murphy, Global Communications Academy

11.    Nitya Tarala, Annie Fisher STEM

12.   Kathryn Samson, Annie Fisher STEM

13.   Brianna Cruz, Parkville

14.   Dane Atmore, West Middle

15.   Jeffrey Jackson, Burns Latino Studies Academy

16.   Julia Weston, Noah Webster

17.   Rodrigo Fabian, Sanchez

18.   Thomas B. Clark, Environmental Sciences Magnet @Hooker

19.   Tess Parker, Environmental Sciences Magnet @Hooker

20.  Kiera Braunwart, Environmental Sciences Magnet @Hooker

21.   Luis Guzman, Burr

22.   Yahienesse DeThomas, Burr

23.   Alicia Singh, Batchelder

24.   Keira Ortiz, Batchelder

25.  Kadir Hamidovic, Naylor

26.   Edita Guster, Naylor

27.   Emerald Mitchell, Asian Studies

28.  Xavier Rodriguez, Asian Studies

29.   Chelsea Tacuri, Betances Early Reading Lab

30. Craig Beck, Betances Early Reading Lab

31.  Brenda Franklin, Simpson Waverly

32.   Passion Gonzalez, Simpson Waverly

Individual citations, each signed by Mayor Segarra were given to the 32 students with their trophies and MegaTablets!.


Attorney Jeffrey Dressler of MegaEducation and Dr. Louis Brown.

A special thanks to keynote speaker, Dr. Louis Brown, thoracic surgeon who grew up in Hartford & attended Hartford Public Schools. As if Dr. Brown's words of inspiration were not enough, Dr. Brown financed the entire event in which each of the students was awarded a trophy and computer tablet.  A special thank you to Dr. Brown for his generosity and for believing in our students.

How great it was to see us as a community celebrating this academic skill.  These students are surely destined for college and career success. All of Hartford sings your praises, students, as you learn, hand-in-hand with Mega Education and the Hartford Public Schools' Third Grade Promise, the great benefits of hard work and skill.


Special thanks to Sammy Vega of MegaEducation for the beautiful photographs.

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