HPS Office of Early Literacy and Mega Education Team Up on the “Get Greedy for Writing” Contest.

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE    Issue 21    December 7, 2012 

HPS Office of Early Literacy and Mega Education Team Up on the "Get Greedy for Writing" Contest.

This is Cityra Riley, an adorable 3rd grade student, right?  Right!  But she is also one of the two super-smart, really hard-working grand-prize winners of the "Get Greedy for Writing Contest" in which many super-smart, really hard-working third graders from around the district competed for the top prize of best essay entitled, "From Determination to Destination: How Three Athletes Were Driven by a Dream."  15 students won the prize of treating themselves and two family members to the opening night performance of 'The Grinch" at the Bushnell. 

Cityra, a student of Carmelina Miceli from Global Communications Academy, and Reilly Fournier of Noah Webster Microsociety Magnet School, as the top writers, were also able to treat their families to dinner and a limousine ride to the theater,where Cityra is pictured above with her aunt and grandmother. 

Above the two grand prize winners and their families pose with Jeffrey Dressler of Mega Education, in front of their limousine as they arrive at the theater.

The previous Thursday evening, Nov. 15th,  Mega Education®, Hartford Public Schools, teachers, parents and students celebrated the charm, eloquence and power of the written word at Clark Elementary School, at the City-Wide 3rd Grade Writing Competition.

A full auditorium, boasted parents and family members brimming with pride, as 3rd graders from around the city were honored for their hard work and dedication in competing in the preparation of an essay: From Determination to Destination: How Three Athletes Were Driven by a Dream.

The super-smart, really hard-working Dr. Beryl Bailer and Dee Cole from HPS's Offfice of Early Literacy & Parent Engagement.


The task demonstrated that success or achievement grows from a desire or dream that begins in the minds of ordinary people who develop into extraordinary individuals.  The students read about the lives of Wilma Rudolph, Jesse Owens and Roberto Clemente, three ordinary people who were driven to succeed and worked tirelessly to achieve their goals and earned a place in American History.  Each student wrote a 2-3 page narrative essay developing the experiences and events that led to the achievements of Wilma Rudolph, Jesse Owens and Roberto Clemente using evidence from the text.

A full dinner was provided for everyone and then the fun began the reading of winning essays and recognition of all of the City’s 15 top 3rd grade scholars! Each student received a trophy and 3 tickets to see ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ at the Bushnell. And, of course, each family received a Mega Education®, ‘Time to Read’ clock.  Mega Education®, provided a limousine ride, [Beverly Hills Limousine of CT] for the families of the top winners to the musical at the Bushnell's, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'

And finally, the top 15 winners who received District Winner trophies are (drum roll please…..) Cityra Riley, GCA, Reilly Fournier, Webster, Erik Jay Morgan, Clark, Tamia Percy, West Middle, Tavaj Bennefield, King, Emily Santiago- Kennelly, Jade McLeod, Rawson, Mekhi Awvah, Waverly, Indya Stellmacher, Sanchez, Juliannys O, Batchelde,r Adhvika Saravanan, Betances, Makayla M. Esquilin, Burr, Julian Rodriguez, M.D. Fox, Melanie Jenise Ramos, Naylor, and Imari Barnes-Lindsay, Burns.


Dee Cole, Eddie Genao of HPS & Attorney Jeffrey Dressler of Mega Educaiton with a student winner.

How great it was to see us as a community celebrating this academic skill.  These students are surely destined for college and career success. All of Hartford sings your praises, students, as you learn, hand-in-hand with Mega Education and the Hartford Public Schools' Third Grade Promise, the great benefits of hard work and skill.


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