HPS PreK-8 Students Receive Free Books from Scholastic

HPS PreK-8 Students Receive Free Books from Scholastic

Every PreK-8 Student to get free books to support independent reading at home

Earlier this spring, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced a generous donation by the Nooyi Family of 185,000 high-quality, take-home book packs from Scholastic. This gift is a resource to support students learning at home due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Scholastic donation provides all Hartford Public Schools PreK-8 students with free take-home book packs. Packs for grades K-3 include four books and for grades 4-8, packs contain three books. The books in the packs are geared to individual grade levels and meant for independent reading.

Several of these books are culturally responsive to keep students engaged in reading. Each book pack also comes with “Think More Sheets,” or worksheets designed to reinforce positive reading habits, comprehension, and writing activities. The sheets also provide reading tips and opportunities for students to make personal connections between what they read and daily life.

The book packs also offer grade-level Family Resource Guides, in English and Spanish, that provide families with milestones to look for in their child’s literacy development, as well as strategies and activities to support their student’s growth at home.

Individual schools will manage the safe delivery of book packs to students.

The donation not only supports at-home learning but specifically grade-level reading, a goal of the district to promote student literacy.