HPS Staffers Sport their College Colors on College Focus Fridays!

Spotlight on Excellence      Issue 18      October 26, 2012

HPS Staffers Sport their College Colors for College Focus Fridays!

Throughout the month of October, College Focus Fridays found HPS faculty and staff (and students!) sporting the colors of their almae matres as one of many ways to celebrate College & Career Awareness Month.  Here is a smattering of the celebrants.  The halls of HPS were also repleat with collegiate decorations as departments competed for first prize in the HPS Central Office School Spirit Contest!  The winners (Office of Talent Management – first place and The Welcome Center – second place!) were celebrated with a visit from the Princeton Tiger who danced with staffers to excellent tunes played by the Hartford Magnet Trinity College band.



Prizes were won for best school spirit decorations, some of them shown below.




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