JMA Students Cover Presidential Visit

Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School Students Cover Presidential Visit


Photograph of President Obama, with from left, Governors Lincoln Chafee, Peter Shumlin, Deval Patrick and Dannel Malloy, by Odane Campbell, JMA.

Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School students Brittania Brown, ’17 and Odane Campbell, ’15 got the chance of a lifetime when they covered President Barack Obama’s recent visit- from the press box.  The two students, members of the school’s newspaper Teens Today, covered President Obama’s March 5 visit to Central Connecticut State University to discuss raising the minimum wage.
“It was a wonderful opportunity…it was very interesting,” Brown said.   “[President Obama] is very good at what he does.”
Brown, who said she did not realize what a good sense of humor the President had, said Obama  “connected with the crowd like he “was a normal person.”
Brown is writing the event up for the spring issue of Teens Today while Campbell photographed and served as videographer for the event.
"It was a once in a life time opportunity to be ten feet away from the President," he said.  "My family was very excited for me. My friends were jealous."
Campbell said it was wonderful being alongside news professionals such as the CNN, BBC and even the White House Press.  Both students are advised in their news reporter capacities by JMA teachers Philip Allard and Tiffany Blanchette.
“It was an honor to bring these two wonderful, worthy students to this once in a lifetime event,” Allard said.  
Both Allard and JMA College & Career Counselor Jordan Raineault chaperoned the students during the event.
“They were dignified,” Allard said of how the JMA students compared with their national and local press colleagues.
Blanchette said students prepared for their responsibilities by practicing their videography skills, looking at pictures of the governors that would be speaking and reading recent Hartford Courant articles on raising the minimum wage.  In addition, they were briefed about the security procedures for members of the press and the importance of professionalism.
JMA press Odane Cambell and Brittania Brown pose while waiting in the cold to cover President Obama's visit to CCSU.  Photo by Philip Allard
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