Joe Young Studios Hosts “Can-Do!” Workshop at James H. Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy

Spotlight on Excellence   April 2013

Joe Young Studios Hosts "Can-Do!" Workshop at James H. Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy, Clark and Kinsella.

The Hartford Film and Animation Institute (HFAI) hosted their “CAN DO” It Black History workshop for our elementary and middle year students. Through the initiative of Dr. Kishimoto to provide more authentic culturally diverse programming, the Office of Academics, has sponsored this presentation at five schools, Naylor, MD Fox, Batchelder, Clark and Kinsella – Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy hosted the HFAI presentation.  
Joe Young Studios, best known in Hartford as the producers of the locally-shot film, "Diamond Ruff," celebrated Black History Month with the teachers and students of James H. Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy, and two other schools with afternoon workshop assemblies.  The "Can-Do!" workshops are taught by Joe Young and other talented members of his studio.  
Hands-on lessons included cartooning, acting, improv, song and dance, and a conversation about bullying.  Audience participation taught many students that if they dared to try something new, they learned that they can do it!
HFAI is heavily involved in providing supplemental curricular activities to Hartford Public Schools, through drawing workshops that ask elementary school children to practice geometrical shapes and then practice literary skills by creating stories about their shapes. Also, HFAI is currently working with Journalism and Media High School and the Boys and Girl club to provide after school video production workshops centered on a feature film their parent company, the Joe Young Studios, produced in Hartford.
HFAI is a subsidiary of Joe Young Studios. CEO Joe Young has worked with HPS for the past decade, with CRT Youth Arts and Technology Center prior, and with HFAI now.
HFAI focuses on supplying our kids with positive messages of tolerance and cultural awareness through their animation and feature films. Prior to the Black History Month programming, HFAI hosted Christmas special event at the Wadsworth in December on anti-bullying. To learn more about the Hartford Film and Animation Institute and Joe Young Studios please visit
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The Naylor educators get down with Geanetta from Young Studios!



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