Julio Cesar Lozada Plaque Unveiled at the Hartford Public Safety Complex

Spotlight on Excellence     June 2013

Julio Cesar Lozada Plaque Unveiled at the Hartford Public Safety Complex

Mayra Lozada is flanked by (l. to r.) Retired Fire Chief John B. Stewart, Jr., Mayor Pedro Segarra, Fire Chief Edward Casares, Jr, and Assistant Fire Chief Carlos M. Huertas.

On June 10th, 2013, a plaque in honor of Julio Cesar Lozada was unveiled at the Hartford Public Safety Complex.   Mayor Pedro E. Segarra represented the City of Hartfor.  An invocation by Fire Chaplain Hance Philippe was followed by welcome remarks by  Fire Chief Edward Casares, Jr.,  Retired Fire Chief John B. Stewart, Jr. and Assistant Fire Chief Carlos M. Huertas.  Mayra Lozada represented the Lozada family and a benediction was given by Fire Chaplain Hance Philippe

May 16, 2013 marked 34 years since Julio C. Lozada tragically passed.  He was a vibrant 12 year old boy who lost his life on May 16, 1979 while playing with his three friends in an abandoned and broken-down ten-car garage that suddenly collapsed in Hartford’s Clay Hill-Arsenal neighborhood .  Three of the boys escaped but Julio was trapped under the rubble. 

 The firefighters were called and searched the scene but left because they did not see anybody in the rubble; neighbors continued to search as they knew Julio was still there.  The firefighters returned to the scene a half hour later. The neighbors tried to tell them about the missing boy. However, the firefighters only spoke English and the neighbors only spoke Spanish.  Finally Julio was found.  Although Julio was still alive, he died from his injuries at Saint Francis Hospital. 

Back in 1979, none of the firefighters spoke Spanish and the language barrier was cited as a contributing factor to the untimely end of Julio’s young life.  His tragic death transformed public safety in the City of Hartford.  Hartford’s current Fire Chief, Edward Casares, Jr., was one of the first Latino firefighters hired as a result of the city’s efforts to address the concerns raised following Julio’s death.  We honor his memory by ensuring Hartford’s public safety  and our continued commitment  of increasing diversity reflective upon the ever changing population in our city.  Julio’s legacy lives on through us all. 

For additional information or to find out how you can contribute towards the Julio Lozada Scholarship Fund please visit the following website:


Lozada Park is located on the corner of Seyms and East Streets in Clay Hill.   It was added to the park system on August 8, 1979 in memory of 12-year-old Julio C. Lozada. 

Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra and members of the Court of Common Council proclaim Saturday, June 1, 2013, as Fire Chief Edward Casares, Jr. & Julio Cesar Lozada Day in the City of Hartford.





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