Kinsella’s 6th – 8th Grade Students Stage “Pandora’s Fire”

Kinsella’s 6th – 8th Grade Students Stage “Pandora’s Fire”

Congratulations to Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts (PK-Grade 8) for a successful week of performances! Students in 6th through 8th grade performed the play, “Pandora’s Fire,” which is inspired by the Greek myth, “Pandora’s Box.” Students also played important roles backstage, including designing pieces for the set, managing the lights, and more.  Kinsella’s Drama teacher, Ms. Katie O’Grady, did an excellent job leading and directing the students.

“Pandora’s Fire” by Judith Walsh White and directed by Katie O’Grady showcases her 6th-8th grade middle school students at RJ Kinsella Magnet School.  The play is taken from the Greek myth, Pandora’s Box and it centers around Zeus, god of the sky, who wants to punish Promethesus for stealing his fire to help the mortals.

As punishment, Zeus sends Hermes, the  messenger god, with a large box stating DO NOT OPEN. If you received a box with a message stating DO NOT OPEN, would curiosity get the best of you?


Stage Manager
Beckay Sissoko 8th

Na’teli Johnson 8th, Amaris Rosado 8th

Light Design
Sharon Van Dine Kinsella HS Drama Teacher,  Katie O’Grady

Light Crew
Noble Ackley 8th, Souleymane Sissoko 6th

Running Crew/Props
Kaden Atkinson 8th, Beckay Sissoko 8th, David Valentin 7th, Natanael Fraticelli 6th, Hector Morrero Llorens 8th

Costume Designer
Jimmy Johansmeyer

Set Designer
Renee Tavares,Katie O’Grady

Set Pieces & Props
Renee Tavares, 6-8th Stagecraft classes, 6-8th Enrichment class

Production Manager
Sharon Lynn Lenaghan

Katie O’Grady


Chorus Leader, Later to be revealed as Hope
Serenity Starks 7th

Greek Chorus
Alana Williams 7th

Luna Drieu 7th

Arrielle Bewry 7th

Lily Houlberg 7th

Pandora, A gift from the Gods, custom-made by the Gods to punish Prometheus
Lisangelis Silva 7th

Pyrrha, Pandora’s daughter
Marissa Alicea 6th

Zeus, God of the sky, ruler of the Olympian gods
Kai’Ron Gilliard 7th

Aphrodite , Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
Alana Williams 7th

Hermes, Zeus’ personal agent and messenger
Christian Shelton 7th

Epimetheus , Prometheus’s foolish younger brother
Ernesto Arango 6th

Prometheus, Titan who was given the task of making men out of clay, brother to Epimetheus
Chase Shelton 6th

Gaia, The original Earth Mother
Dakota Medina-Ramos 8th

Haephaestos, Greek God of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors and metals
Starr Bissessar 7th

Cameo Appearance,
Kaden Atkinson 8th


Post-show Q&A

Enjoy all the photos and videos here.

For questions and more information, please contact:

Katherine O’Grady

RJ Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts

Drama Teacher