Letter from the Superintendent: Restructuring and Reimagining our School District

Dear Fellow Member of the Hartford Public Schools Community,

As your Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools, a proud parent of a child attending our schools, a resident of Hartford, and a product of this wonderful community, I share your hopes and dreams for every one of our students. It is our shared commitment to all of our students that is the driving force behind the crucial process I am leading to reimagine and restructure our school district into a network of excellent schools that provides high-quality educational experiences and opportunities for every student.  I need your help in fulfilling our commitment.

We have an imperative – the future of our students, families, and Hartford depend on our schools. We cannot and will not let anyone down.

We know that there will be tough decisions ahead that may result in fewer schools.  However, when we have completed this process together, we will hold in our hands a stronger, more equitable school district designed to serve all students well – a plan built by the entire community for the entire community.

We are not simply making decisions based upon facilities and finances. We must consider more impactful use of our resources, our programs, our people, seamless support by our partners in our schools, equitable access to high quality teaching and learning, and equal expectations and support for all students.

Our work together — which will continue over the coming months in meetings and conversations throughout the community with families, partners, NRZs, and schools — will culminate in the presentation of recommendations for district models for excellence that bring to life different ways in which the district can be reimagined while ensuring the health and viability of our neighborhoods, and continuing to provide access to opportunities and services for our families and students.

Your engagement and partnership in this process is important, and I thank you for it.  We, at Hartford Public Schools, will continue to communicate with you – our partners– in fulfilling our commitment to every student.

I am eager to hear your thoughts and to partner with you in creating the schools and learning experiences we all want for our students. Please visit our website, www.hartfordschools.org/districtmodel  to share your thoughts, and for updates on our planning process.


Dr. Leslie Torres- Rodriguez