Literacy Leadership Teams Produce Solutions Like a Task Force, Filling Gaps in Information and Process (2)

Literacy Leadership Teams Produce Solutions Like a Task Force, Filling Gaps in Information and Process

During the 2013-2014 school year, Dr. Wlodarczyk Hickey, Director of Literary Arts, and Ms. Alicia Willett, Director of Humanities, PK-12, facilitated the grades 4-12 Literacy Leadership Team. This team was comprised of district teacher leaders in Social Studies/Humanities and Literary Arts. They met once a month and structured their learning by meeting in communities of practices.
During meetings, teachers collaboratively researched, communicated, and reflected upon topics that were aligned to the CCSS and supported instruction aligned to the rigor of the CCSS. These communities were entitled “Learning Teams” and the teams created products that will assist in the development of a repository of best practices for teaching methods which will soon be available for all educators.

Content Crosswalk – Literacy across the Content Areas

Team Members:
·        Lorri Weimer-Sports and Medical Sciences Academy
·        Erin Wilson- STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher
·        Autumn Baltimore-Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
·        Candice Server – Environmental Studies Magnet at Mary J. Hooker
Team Goal: Create a resource blog for content area teachers and parents that provide videos, articles, examples, etc. of literacy examples in various content areas.
Team End Product:
Content Crosswalk:Where Literacy Gets the WRITE of Way
Need strategies, help, or support about teaching literacy strategies in all content areas? Then, is the place for you!

Just Engaged, not Married

Team Members:
·        Kim Albro – Breakthrough
·        Sharon Horan – Naylor School
·        Marie Thibodeau – Naylor School
·        Rebecca Cutler – Clark School
·        Gary Lotreck – Teacher in Residence for Literary Arts
Team Goal: Research, put into practice, and use these experiences to create a list of interactive and engaging instructional strategies that align to the CCSS, FFT, DOK that can be implemented in any English Language Arts classroom to promote student engagement  and ownership over their own learning and increase student achievement.
Team End Product:A ‘TOOLKIT’ OF STRATEGIES includes a rationale for “why,” an explanation of “how,” and specific ways to differentiate for high, middle, and lower level learners/readers/writers.
Student Engagement: We created the following: a rationale for “why,” an explanation of “how,” and specific ways to differentiate for high, middle, and lower level learners/readers/writers.  These strategies are turn-keyed to interested teams, teachers, and schools with follow-up meetings or debriefings to engage in reflection.

4th and 5th Grade ELA Crusaders

Team Members:
·        June Cahill- Kennelly
·        Gina Polley-MD Fox
·        Azra Redzic – Burr
·        Deb Simpson-Burr
Team Goal: To create a useable document of websites and resources for teachers in intermediate grades (4th and 5th) to improve instruction and impact student learning. 
Team End Product: “Teacher Resources” Website
Teachers in the intermediate grades have expressed a need for Common Core aligned resources.  This team created a list of websites and resources that teachers could use to supplement instruction. They piloted the websites and resources throughout the year and discovered that these resources are most effective when they are used one at a time.  For example, present the Readworks website by distributing one of the non-fiction articles at a data team meeting. Discuss implementation and instructional strategies on how to use it in the different grade levels and across the content areas.

The Blenders

Team Members:
·        Kamilah Ruddock- Capital Preparatory Magnet School
·        Paul Griswold – Bulkeley High School
·        Justin Taylor – Bulkeley High School
Team Goal:
Team End Product: We atClassroom in a Blender see blended learning as the future of student-centered education. As current teachers in the classroom, our goal is to provide other teachers with the best free or freemium web tools that we have found useful in practice.  It is easy to get lost looking for web solutions for your classroom, but Classroom in a Blender will help to make that part of your job easier!

The Mapsters

Team Members:
·        Maureen Gorman – Global Communications
·        Phyllis Lehman-Title I Private Schools
·        Teresa Janiszewski-Burns Latino Academy
·        Hollis Berkon-Noah Webster
·        Karen Morrison-Burns Latino Academy
Team Goal:Created a website to share resources related to NWEA MAP assessments and data
Team End Product: NWEA Map Resource Page that includes resources for parents, teachers, a blog, common core and map goal setting and planning using a blog. Here is the link to the webpage created for MAP Resources (it is still under construction but has many helpful resources)


Team Members:
·        Bryan Daleas-Teacher in Residence for World Languages
·        Philip Allard- Journalism and Media Academy
·        Katherine Wood- Fred D. Wish School Museum School
·        Amanda Kushner- Program Manager for Office of Research and Assessment
Team Goal: Deepen our understanding of the pros and cons of standards-based grading, its impact on student learning, parents and professional practice for teachers.
Team End Product: Amanda Kushner used input from SBGRs to assist in creating a livebinder with resources to share about standards based grading.
For more information, please contact Melissa Hickey.


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