Governor Malloy Tours Jumoke at Milner School, a “Commissioner’s Network” School.

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE    Issue 19     November 9, 2012

Governor Malloy Tours Jumoke at Milner School, a "Commissioner's Network" School.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy visited a Hartford school last month to “showcase some of the reforms that are underway as a result of the education reform legislation” passed in the last session and signed by the governor,” state officials said.

Jumoke Academy at Milner was approved earlier this year as one of the  ”Commissioner’s Network”, which official said “enables the state to provide intensive supports and interventions.”  Each school represents a different turnaround model for reform.

The visit allowed Malloy an opportunity to speak with students, school representatives, local elected officials, and teacher union representatives.

From Achieve Hartford'd Education Matters:
“You could put any curriculum in the world there and it wouldn’t work, because the culture had to be rebuilt,” Sharpe says. It will be a long haul to turn the school around,he cautions, but with the $1.5 million in state Commissoner’s Network aid, Milner-Jumoke has upped the staff level from 56 to 89, including academic assistants in everyclassroom and increases in bilingual education and special education professionals.

Gov. Malloy emphasized the additional Pre-K seats, reading coaches, and intervention specialists that have been funded through his reform legislation – and when Mayor Milner told him he was glad he had lived to see this opportunity at the Vine Street school, the Governor replied, “I don’t want opportunity, I want success … the eyes are on you. We need to demonstrate results. We need to demonstrate that this can be replicated.”

It’s beautiful to see the legacy of a Governor and Commissioner so linked to the performance of children at the school on Vine Street, not to mention the legacy of a Mayor, who stands as committed as ever.

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