Martin Luther King, Jr. School and Rawson School Hold Career Days for their Students

Martin Luther King, Jr. School and Rawson School Hold Career Days for their Students

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School held their annual Career Day on May 11, 2017, and Rawson School held theirs on May 4th (coinciding with their STEAM Expo.)

Students from Pre-K to eighth grade hosted guests from a variety of careers inside their classrooms including a pastor, a city official, and even a funeral director. Students were also visited outside by the Hartford Police Department, Hartford Firefighters, and EMTs from American Medical Response.

Images from MLK’s
Career Day.

Mr. Kevin Flynn, who works as MLK’s and Rawson’s college and career specialist, plans these days every year to give the students an opportunity to explore many careers. Students are able to listen to presentations and interact with the presenters in question and answer sessions. Students also were able to experience what it is like to sit in a police car, sit in a fire truck, and they even met a police K-9.  Rawson School students received visits from professionals from insurance companies to the bomb sniffing dog-handler for the Hartford Police Department.  They also took part in career workshops, like a finger-printing art project, by folks from the Village for Families and Children.

    Rawson School thanks all of its visitors, and gives a special shout out to American Medical Response for their dedication to Hartford Schools. They have been at our career days for years and have given back to our school community by volunteering time, resources and finances.


Images from Rawson School’s Career Day.

In addition to speaking on their careers, many of the guest presenters left the students with wise words of advice. One guest, Sergeant Rodney, from the Hartford Police Department said to the eighth graders, “Make sure you do the best you can while you’re at school in order to prepare yourself for the future. Study hard, keep out of trouble, and stay away from drugs.”