Martin Luther King School Students Participate in “Mentoring in Medicine” Poster Contest Kick-off

Martin Luther King School Students Participate in “Mentoring in Medicine” Poster Contest Kick-off

On April 21, 2017, Martin Luther King School students participated in the kick-off for the Mentoring in Medicine Poster Competition.  The event is now live on Hartford Public Access TV On Demand.

Our students from Martin Luther King School and the mentors were FABULOUS!!!  We recommend that parents watch this program to see how well our students are performing.

Dr. Sandra Inga, the Hartford Public Schools STEM Director, was present, as was the Principal of Martin Luther King School, Dr. Crawford.  There were teachers, the Assistant Principal, and other school administrators present to assist in this event.  What a wonderful, collaborative production!!  Out of this group, there were more than 20 students who want to be doctors, and it is up to us to make sure they have every opportunity to do so.

Councilwoman Cynthia R. Jennings, Esq. extends her deepest appreciation to the UCONN Medical Students and the entire volunteer team that worked to made this production a HUGE success.  Many thanks goes out to Hartford Public Access TV for their outstanding production and commitment to our children.

Rafael Santiago and Charles Teale are working on getting a venue for Dinner with Doctors and Health Professionals scheduled for June 1, 2017.  Many thanks to Rafael Santiago, who set up a meeting on Friday afternoon with Weaver High School Principal Neal, who expedited a tour of the facility as a possible venue.

Thanks to ALL for making the kick-off a success!  The Link for the MIM Kick off Poster Contest is below.

Special thanks to Dr. Torres-Rodriguez, Superintendent of Schools, and to Dr. Inga and Dr. Jose Colon-Rivas for their ongoing support of and commitment to this program.

For more information, please contact:

Councilwoman Cynthia R. Jennings, Esq.

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