2 HPS Students Finalists for CT Kid Governor 2021

2 HPS Students Finalists for CT Kid Governor 2021

We are excited to announce that two Hartford Public Schools 5th grade students were selected as finalists for CT Kid Governor 2021: Nathan from Kennelly School (right) and Sameer from M.D. Fox School (pictured above.) You can watch their campaign videos by scrolling down the page.

Connecticut’s Kid Governor® (CTKG) is a national award-winning statewide civics program for 5th graders created by the Connecticut Democracy Center in 2015.

Polls opened on November 2 and closed November 10.  Only 5th grade students in Connecticut were allowed to vote. The winner of the race for CT Kid Governor was announced November 20, 2020: Reese Naughton from Southington.

The following 5th graders were final candidates in the 2020 Statewide Election for the office of 2021 Connecticut’s Kid Governor®. The candidates were nominated by the 5th graders in their schools and completed the necessary paperwork qualifying them to run for office.

Our 5th grade students from Ms. Signori’s class at Parkville Community School also won #CTKGvotes2020 Photo Contest for their #EveryVoteCounts image.


Each candidate for CT Kid Governor created a campaign video (below) outlining why they wanted to be Connecticut’s Kid Governor; what leadership qualities they have; what community issue is important to them and why; and a three-point plan outlining ways for Connecticut 5th graders to make a difference around that issue.

Fifth grade students in registered classes  watched these videos carefully and used the Analyzing Campaign Videos and Speeches worksheet to study the candidates’ platforms and inform their vote during the Statewide Election.  All of the finalists will become cabinet members supporting the work of our new CT Kid Governor Reese.

Candidate’s Name: Claire
Candidate’s Community Issue: Racism

Candidate’s Name: Cora
Candidate’s Community Issue: Climate Change

Candidate’s Name: Houda
Candidate’s Community Issue: Body Shaming

Candidate’s Name: Myalee
Candidate’s Community Issue: Racism

Candidate’s Name: Nathan
Candidate’s Community Issue: Racism

Candidate’s Name: Reese
Candidate’s Community Issue: Pandemic Health

Candidate’s Name: Sameer
Candidate’s Community Issue: College Readiness

Congratulations to Reese, Nathan, Sameer, and all the candidates!