Mega Education Donates 500 Clocks to Hartford Public Schools

Spotlight on Excellence 
Issue 16  September 28, 2012


Mega Education Donates 500 "Time to Read" Clocks to Hartford Public Schools

Mega Education® just received 500 ‘Time to Read’ clocks.  On each clock, Mega Eddie® says ‘Time to Read’, so any time you look at the clock…it’s ‘Time to Read’! The various levels of books read will be noted by Mega Education®, ‘Time to Read’,  wrist bands. Students reaching the highest level are awarded a Mega Education®, ‘Time to Read’, digital wrist watch. The Hartford Public Schools’ grand kick-off is Oct. 4th, so stay tuned!

Mega Education®….. Making Education Fun!


For more information, please contact:

Samuel Vega, Jr.
Administrative Assistant
Dressler Strickland
MEGA Education® “Stay in School” Programs
Telephone: (860) 247-KIDS (5437) (Mega Education)
Facsimile: (860) 241-0857 (Mega Education)

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