Message from Our Superintendent October 2015


Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Hartford Public Schools Families and Friends,
Schools have been in session for more than two months now, and, as the academic year progresses, I want to ensure you hear about our exciting work and the many ways you are and can continue to be a part of it. Our obligation to prepare every student for the future requires that all stakeholders — parents, educators, residents and businesses – collaborate to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education they rightfully deserve. 
Toward that end we invite you to attend The Power and Promise of Family Engagement to Advance Student Outcomes: a Panel Discussion and Breakout Sessions focused on building our capacity together to support student learning. Our success and the success of our children is dependent on the efforts of the entire village. The event takes place on Saturday, December 5th from 8:30 A.M. to noon at Hartford Public High School at 55 Forest Street.
Our featured speaker will be Michelle Brooks, parent activist, educator, and past Assistant Superintendent of Family and Student Engagement for Boston Public Schools.  Our goal is to raise awareness and involve families as well as staff and community partners in the development of efforts to promote Family Friendly Schools — that are welcoming, joyful, and engage parents and communities as partners in the educational process — throughout our city.
We hope that participants will have increased understanding of the importance of Family and Community Engagement to support student learning, that parents see that they have a voice in their schools and for their children, that participants provide input into the Family Friendly Schools work, and that participants make a personal commitment to continue Family and Community Engagement in their schools.
I also extend an invitation to you to attend our Community Update on our Strategies in Action.  Please join me and our Office of Academics on November 18th at 10:00 A.M. on the 8th floor of 960 Main Street as we discuss the K-2 Literacy Curriculum and we invite your input and questions.  This is the first of our quarterly updates on our work keeping students at the center of their learning. Student centered-learning is about meeting students where they are in their learning. Different learning and engagement strategies work for different students.  Student-centered learning recognizes that students learn in different ways and as such, our district needs to change to meet those needs.  Let’s talk about the work we are doing.
October was College and Career Readiness Awareness Month. We hope you were able to join and participate in the powerful series of events throughout the month to raise awareness and excitement about college and career readiness. Although the month is over, as a school system, we must sustain the focus on this important work to figure out how to accelerate progress for all students and bring about equity and excellence in all of our schools. That is exactly why we have committed to bold college and career readiness equity indicators in our 5-year Strategic Plan. Thank you for working with us and for your support in maintaining a focus on our goals to increase access to opportunities, the graduation rate and college acceptance. We all play a role.
And, please don’t forget to attend our 3rd Annual Education Expo at the Hartford Public High School Field House on Saturday, November 7th from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. where you can learn more about our school options, the school selection process, and find the best fit for your child.
Come join us in this brave new world of education and be inspired by the opportunities that Hartford Public Schools has to offer.
Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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