Message from the Superintendent April 2013

Spotlight on Excellence     Issue 25     April 2013

Message from the Superintendent

     Finally, spring is here and our students are ready to burst out of their classrooms to play outside in the sunshine. Around us the grass is getting greener and flowers are blooming. Being an educator and a parent is like being a gardener. We must ensure that the resources are "planted" to properly nourish our children as they grow into adulthood. This spring we celebrate the champions who help ensure that this process is a healthy one in our district.
     As the poet, Pablo Neruda wrote, "You can cut down all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming."  It is crucial that education remains well funded so we can afford to nourish our students properly, giving them the attention and resources they deserve as they grow. In our efforts we could not have a better partner than Governor Dannel Malloy who receives this year's State of the Schools Award at our symposium at the Bushnell Theater on the morning of April 24th.  Governor Malloy is a champion who has made it his mission to fund and support education in our state and especially in Hartford.
     We also celebrate all of our district's teachers, and the 44 champions who have been nominated for the 2013 Hartford Public Schools Teacher of the Year Award. This is the largest number of nominees we have ever had — a testament to the excellence and high quality of all of our teachers.
     We also announce a grant from the Nellie Mae Foundation in the amount of $450,000 to expand the use of blended learning as a way of better preparing our high school students for college. Blended learning is a form of student-centered instruction that combines face-to-face classroom instruction with computer activities in which students control the time, place, pace and path of learning.
     Together, the parents, families, educators, administrators and community leaders are the deep roots of the Hartford educational system. We must never doubt the arrival of spring, knowing that it will come with all its resources and nourishments to help our students grow strong and reach glorious heights, bearing the fruits of education and success in all of its forms.

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