Moylan Montessori Magnet School Selected for AMI Global School Accreditation Program Pilot

Moylan Montessori Magnet School Selected for AMI Global School Accreditation Program Pilot

Moylan Montessori Magnet School received great news in a letter from the Executive Director of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

It names only 4 schools across the country (2 are public, 2 are private.) selected for the AMI Global School Accreditation Program Pilot.

The letter reads:

AMI is in the development phase of a global school accreditation program that would be applicable for schools in any country, but administered through each country’s AMI affiliate.  A small committee of AMI trainers, administrators and executives has been working for over 3 years evaluating existing school data, reviewing survey results about school needs, and studying a variety of existing accreditation systems in an effort to ensure we are fully meeting the evolving needs of the AMI community.

This fall we are undertaking a small pilot with 4 schools in the US:

Centennial Montessori School, San Mateo, CA
Lake Country School, Minneapolis, MN
Moylan Montessori Magnet School, Hartford, CT
Lee Montessori Public Charter School, Washington, DC

The program is also being piloted in the UK, India, Australia, Canada and Sweden.  Each participating school has agreed to assist the GSA committee by completing all the required paperwork for accreditation including an extensive and reflective self-study document.  This process will not yield accreditation at this time; rather the pilot is designed to help us learn from the participants about the process as well as to provide model environments to trial the team-approach onsite review system.  We are very grateful for the schools’ voluntary participation and look forward to using the qualitative feedback to ensure the program is well suited for all schools.

It is the goal of AMI/USA to continue to serve our members and member schools to meet their often-changing needs.  This program has been developed in part to help meet the needs of the many schools in the US looking for a whole-school approach to accreditation that can also align with threshold standards for certain state or local regulatory agencies.  Additionally, it will provide a global vision for demonstrating AMI quality at schools worldwide.

We will continue to keep our schools apprised of the progress of this pilot and the future of the program rollout.  We are hoping to complete on-site pilot visits this spring, and to have more information to share soon after.

Warmest wishes for an outstanding year!

Bonnie Beste
Executive Director, Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).