Naviance & Family Connection

Naviance & Family Connection is a web-based Student Success Plan portfolio and college and career readiness platform available to all 6th -12th grade students. Naviance provides a number of resources all in one place, including, but not limited to:


Career and Personality Interest Inventories

Students can take assessments and discover potential careers and majors that match skills and interests.


Career Exploration

Job descriptions, education /training, knowledge, skills, expected salaries for thousands of careers, as well as related majors are available within Naviance career searches.  Students are able to save favorite careers.


Resume Builder

Students can track their activities, personal awards, accomplishments, experiences and skills and export in resume form.


College & Major Search Options

Students can search for colleges using specifications (location, size, major, GPA, athletics, etc.). Links to college websites and information about admissions requirements and deadlines are also available. Students can save favorite colleges.



Students can manage their college application deadlines, link to their Common Application accounts, update college acceptance status and request letters of recommendations through Family Connection accounts.  School staff can upload and send required college application materials electronically through eDocs.


Goal Setting

Students can set short and long term goals in SMART goal format and track progress over time.


Scholarship Search

Students can search for local and national scholarships.


Student Success Planning

SSP tasks can be assigned, completed, stored and tracked using Naviance. Beginning with the 2017-18 school year there will be district required SSP tasks for grades 6-12 assigned in Naviance.

If you desire to print the information on this web page please click on the links below:

Naviance Information for Students and Families

Naviance School Links

Suggested Timeline Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Sept- Nov A- Introduction to Graduation Req. and 4 Year Planning A- 10th Progress Towards Graduation and 4 Year Planning A- 11th Progress Towards Graduation and 4 Year Planning A- 12th Progress Towards Graduation and 4 Year Planning
Sept- Nov A/P.S/C –Add  SMART Goal A/P.S/C –Add  SMART Goal A/P.S/C –Add  SMART Goal A/P.S/C –Add  SMART Goal
Dec- Mar P/S- Complete Strengths Explorer A. SAT Prep A. SAT Prep C. Complete Game Plan Survey
Dec- Mar C- Add 1 Career/Cluster to List P/S. Complete Do What You Are Personality Inventory C Add colleges to my list of “Colleges I’m thinking about” P/S- Build Resume
April-June P/S- Resume Lesson Reflection C. Complete College Super Match P/S- Build  Resume P/S- Complete Graduation Survey
April-June C-College or Career Exposure Reflection C-College or Career Exposure Reflection C-College or Career Exposure Reflection C-College or Career Exposure Reflection
Key: A = Academic Domain, C = College/Career Domain, P/S = Personal / Social Domain